I am Hanni. Knitter, crocheter, painter, self-thaught crafter, wannabe spinner, dyer and lot of '-er'. 
I knit from my childhood,  I had been taught for the basics by my mother and started to crochet in november 2011. I begun writing my own patterns just right after I had learnt the basics. You can find my patterns under pseudonym 'hannicraft'.

Through hannicraft I push myself to be better in my hobbies and my blog gives me a place to show another part of me. I started blogging in november 2011 when I felt that I had to escape to a silent place from my overstressed everydays where being busy is so glorified. By the way, my life is quite simple and ordinary, I was working in the GLAM sector for seven years, now I am SAHM to my baby girl. Because of my family I am trying to keep my privacy and allow just a tiny peek inside my private life.
I am offering a lot of free patterns here and also having a few for modest price on Ravelry. Those patterns are tested by wonderful crocheters/knitters from Rav.

You are warmly welcomed to my blog! Feel free to leave a comment. For pattern support or other issues contact me via email. Please respect that every content belongs to me, don't use my projects nor my photos on your site. I push a lot of energy into my blog.



hanidgn[at] or hannicraft[at]

P.s. You might notice, that I am not a native English speaker. Sometimes expressing myself in English really challenges me, but I try to do my bests and constantly working on my language skills.

II. P.s.: in September I had a crush on my blog, all pictures had been deleted, so if you see something missing / or you don't see anything what supposed to be there / or you notice other bug, don't hesitate to email me :)

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  1. You're English is impressive! Many English speakers (at least in the United States) don't speak other languages. You clearly have a good grasp on this second language.


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