Cat in Purple Dress

I really miss Ginny's weekly Yarn Along, it pushed me to show what I am working on. Since she stopped it, I haven't written any WIP posts although I finished lot of knitting and crochet projects lately. Making things in baby size or toys for a baby is much more quicker than shawls and cardigans I had been working on before my baby arrived. So in these busy crafty weeks I've released a new knitting pattern and currently running a test for a baby dress.
And now, I have a new toy to show you.
This time I haven't followed any pattern, this cat just came out of my head. I used Garnstudio DROPS Cotton Light and 3.5 mm crochet hooks. It took about 4 hours to complete. She is 25 cm tall. 

Joining to Annemarie's weekly crochet party.

> Do you like knitting? Have you seen my Hearts and Cupcakes Hat? Currently running a giveaway, where the luckiest 3 will receive the pattern! <



  1. Oh that is adorable! Just FYI...I also do a yarn along on Wednesdays, if you want to join doesn't have as many people as Ginny...anywhere from 2-10 a week...but it's something...I usually have the link up Tuesday night (my time), since I work and don't have time in the morning to get the link anyway you are welcome to join's Stitch Along Wednesday, every once in a while I also do a Wrapup Friday and a Stash Acquisition Saturday...I also belong to a Year of Projects group on Ravelry that posts on check them out....I'm one of the moderators...

  2. Only 4 hours? That's very quick!
    But she is adorable!

  3. This is cute!! It is indeed fun to make stuff for the little ones!
    I also like your design because I'm found of cats and my daughter's favourite colour is purple :-)
    I think you did a great job!
    Have a nice day, Sigrid

  4. She is cute!! You made it quite fast!

  5. Awe, this is just so cute!


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