Top 6 Things I learned from my Knitting Mistakes {Part 1}

I was editing my Ravelry account the other day and realized that I have too much unfinished objects (UFOs), not talking about the ones that didn't even have a project page. Throughout the years I started several projects curiously and published the WIPs on the blog with big enthusiasm, but never finished them. Actually, I quite often cast on something that I never finish. Being the person who goes her own way and loves learn trough experiences I accept my mistakes.
There were different reasons why I made an irreparable error or why I lose my interest and placed the work aside. But even all these projects taught me something. After all, great losses are great lessons, aren't they?
I feel it is time to stop and summerize what I learned from my knitting mistakes. Now, I make an attempt to analyze the top causes of my project failures. 

6. Think before you act

Project: Felted Owl
Mistake: jumped in without a clear picture from the finished item
I started to make this owl years ago, I thought the leftover Lopi from my lopapeysa would be great for felting and I casted for an owl, but since I hadn't had in my mind what I exactly had wanted, I lost my interest quickly. This happens to me sometimes: I start something undefined and stop working to think over how to come up with it and never return. I fail, because I just have some unclear picture of what I would like to create and without drafting or calculating I just cast-on. Instant failure - we can say. The thing I learned from this bad habit that at the very least, I need to sketch it before. Now, I have a sketch book near at hand when I work on something. By the way, when I was writing this post I was searching for this project to take a better picture, but couldn't find it. I guess, I just threw away.

5. Do not jump on the bandwagon (unless you really like it)

Project: Toujours for me
Mistake: mindless, yarn-eater and time-consuming at the same time
Boxy shirts are my good-working friends in the wardrobe, they works with skirts, jeans and makes my belly look slimmer when I am not in my best shape. This fashion trend obviously quickly appeared in knit design too and it was inevitable for me to fall in love with a boxy pattern. My loved one is Joji Locatelli's Toujours. It is a gorgeous design with well-written instructions, by the way. I used up more than 300 yards yarn and I was feeling that it would never end. This is approximately just the 20% of the total lenght. The curved bottom edges were really fun to make - I always find short-rows interesting. But after this section there comes the yarn-eater stockinette part which couldn't engage me. I jumped into this project without the recquired amount of yarn and I haven't bought the missing skeins yet. But I haven't given up this one! I am going to order the yarn and finish it when I need something mindless. What did this one teach me? Well, I can't say that I don't like long-term knittings, because I had completed more. But if a pattern is mindless and time-consuming, plus a real yarn-eater, I will struggle to stay on the task.

4. Measure twice knit once

Mistake: too small
My saddest knitting fail ever was this striped cardigan. I completely finished this cardi from fingering weight yarn on 3 mm needles and it turned out too small. Very very small. I haven't followed any pattern, just worked from my head. Well, the scaling was okay - for a size 4 women, but I am wearing 6. Arrghh! I had at least 30 working hours on that project. What did I learn? Always make calculations before a new project. This one has been unravelled, yarn is currently being used up for a baby project.

Well, there you have it: three of the six main mistakes I made during my yarnie joruney. It is good to stop and think over our experience, isn't it?

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*** UPDATE: Read the second part of the post here.***


  1. That last one would have broken me!!! I have made the mistake many times, but usually in the too large for me or too short for me regard. Oh well, at least I can still wear my too big things.

  2. Oh, that striped cardigan makes me so sad!! I usually end up with stuff that is too big for me as I can never figure out how much ease I really like. I sew for myself and I've learned a ton about what to sew and what not to sew in terms of what looks good and what I will wear, but I'm still finding my way with knitting.

    Great post!

  3. Love the post - I definitely recognized myself in some moments :) Hope you will come back to the cardigan one day - it is beautiful!


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