Top 6 Things I Learned from my Knitting Mistakes {Part 2}

In my previous post I started to analyze my knitting mistakes hoping there is somebody who may learn from my faults. Some of you wrote that you'd recognized yourselves in the sentences. So after the less despererating three, now I am coming with the three worst errors I have ever made (or still making).

3. Measure twice, cut one - Yes, again, because this one must be considered in every aspects

Project: Summer Hobo Bag
Mistake: did not calculate yarn requirements

Okay, this one must be included in my daily meditation: 'measure twice, cut once, measure twice, cut one... ommm'  Usually I am so excited when something new is coming that I am not able to 'waste' the time for a gauge, I just grab my hook or needles and jump into. Otherwise when I work with a familiar yarn, this bad habit doesn't happen to be that big problem. If I had to give only one advice to a beginner knitter, I would say always make a swatch. Swatching is so essential in knitting. It is much more than checking the gauge, but you can see how your yarn actually works and how much you will need.
The analyzed project is actually a crochet one. I started to make a hobo style project bag and happened to buy not enough yarn for a yarn-eater round-shaped bag. The bag was unravelled and used up for a granny square bag - well, the squares are ready, partly sewed together and wainting in their project bag to be a project bag from ages. I promise, I am going to finish it!

2. Sometimes a great project and a great yarn have a bad marriage 

Project: Last Minute Bolero
Mistake: wrong yarn choice 

Well, bamboo yarn is stretching, so it couldn't work for this garmet. This wasn't the first time I used this yarn, but somehow I overlooked the 'stretchy' factor. This bamboo fiber may work nicely for tank top or a summer baby hat or anything that needs for a well draping material. By the way, the design was mine and completed it just in a few days before travelling to Naples.

1. Too much thinking

Project: Lace-back Hoodie & Purl Stitch Pulover
Mistake: being overinspired

Okay, this one is a complexed mistake I make. I am pretty sure that most crafters agree in that making things inspires to making more things. It is addictive and creativity is about practice. Plus, in these years we spend too much time on social media and they push great projects to try just into our face. So whenever I am (anti)socializing on my devices, pinning to Pinterest, rambling on my Instagram feed or watching what's new on Ravelry or visiting linky parties or busy with my own crafty stuffs, I am thinking on the next project.
Being over-inspired often means that sometimes I can't engage with my project. This happened with my Lace-back Hoodie and my Purl Stitch Pulover. I adored both pattern. First, I started the hoodie, but on the way it became clear that although I really love lace, I would never wear that hoodie, it wasn't my style. - Do not jump on the bandwagon, like I told in the first part. - So the project was unravelled and I started to knit the Purl Stitch Pulover. It is a lovely and sophisticated design, but I have lost my interest in a couple weeks and the unravelling was happened again. I was pregnant and the short sweater couldn't work with my growing belly. Finally the majority of the yarn got under its way in my baby's Idun sweater.
It is not easy to struggle against the creative to-dos. Some people have side projects to fix this problem, I have books. When I feel really stucked in, I leave all my projects and inspiring platforms behind for a couple days and pick up a book to keep my mind busy with something else. After a good read I turn back to my project with a fresh look. 

So, here you could read my confessions about the mistakes I make and what I learned from them. I might be guilty in a few others too, but knitting and crochet is about fun and every fail is a new opportunity to learn something, isn't it?

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  1. Lol, I have been guilty of all these things at one time or another!


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