Monsters Can Be Friends

Monster movies are usually adorable with loving not-scary creatures and really helpful with unreal fears from sleeping. As a little girl, like most children I was afraid of them too for a while. My monster wasn't living in the closet, he was walking on the streets seeking for kids not sleeping, thus I always tried very hard to fall asleep quickly. An elder child scarried me with this story. When I talked to my mum about this beast, she unfolded the truth that this friend of mine had been probably a poor sleeper and someone had wanted to force him sleep with this horror story. So that was the end of my fear of monsters. 
The other day I got the silly idea to make a monster. I started this figure for a cat but the head hasn't turned out too cat-ish for me. So, I just kept on working the body without a concrete plan on what I have been working on. Just after I finished the arms and saw my creature in its full glory, I realized it would be a perfect monster. With three horns in his head this figure is a puffy lovely monster.

Materials: for the body Alize Cotton Gold Batik approx. 0.3 ball, for feet, palms and horns Catania in black approx. 0.2 ball
Pattern: improvised

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  1. Ah, so cute! Well done!

  2. Such a cute and loveable monster. When we are children it is hard when others tell us stories like that that will keep us up at night. That's nice your mother comforted you at the time and made your fears go away. I think your baby looks like they will be friends with this monster.

  3. Love your monster :-)
    They look sweet together on the last picture!
    Have a nice day, Sigrid


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