Lace Yoke Vest

This post won't be a perfectly positive one, please, forgive me. I feel that as a craft blogger I need to be honest and share my not-so great experiences too. There might be someone who can help me out with a good advice for the future or I might be the one who alert someone.
I have finished this little vest weeks ago, but I have let it to rest for weeks. I was disappointed about this project. I loved the color of this yarn. I liked the yarn. Even the pattern was a good one. But this yarn, my needles and the pattern haven't worked well together.
At first about the yarn. It has a beautiful color chart with vibrant shades and sold on a good price. I also loved the touch. But it is very slippery and also splitting a little bit. I wasn't able to hold the tension although I used smaller needles to get a neat reasult. I guess this yarn works much better for crochet. It might also work better on bamboo or wooden needles. Anyway, because of its wonderful color chart I will shop it again and use up differently for amigurumi or something similar.
The pattern instructions were challenging, I recommend it just for intermediate or advanced knitters. But once you find out how to follow, it is going to be a mindless knit. One of the main problems was that the instructions use short rows, but in a way which couldn't have a smooth result, so I just used the wrap&turn method. The chart doesn't use the standardized symbols and increasing-decreasing are described confusing. 
The one thing I really loved that this vest is knitted in one piece, there are no turn-backs to the neckline, arms or anywhere. Once it is off the needles, just weave on ends, sew the buttons on, wash it and ready to wear. I haven't knitted anything from this design team yet, although they have great patterns.
I modified the instructions - I wish if I hadn't done it. I knitted the main part in stockinette instead of garter, because I prefer lace with stockinette. If I had been knitting it in garter, the uneven tension wouldn't have shown up.
The result is a little bit disappointing for me, it doesn't even fit well, the neckline is too deep. Anyway, my dauhter will wear it at least for one time. And who knows I might even get to like this little vest. 


  1. I like the way the vest looks the color is pretty and the details along the neckline are pretty. It's too bad it didn't turn out exactly how you wanted it, but at least we learn what to do differently the next time from every project we do.

  2. There's always something that doesn't work out, I think every handcrafter recognises this.
    But I do think this vest looks great, lovely stitch, fantastic colour! Maybe you're being too hard for yourself?
    Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful weekend,

  3. I like that you are honest about the whole process. Slippery yarn is definitely a challenge to work with, I always use wooden needles and go 1-2 needle sizes down. The good thing you've learned a lot in the project!

  4. I think this is very cute, but I understand how important it is to love something you make. I will rip out and retry and retry until I find the perfect project for my yarn. I even frogged a simple top that I already blocked.

  5. Ohhh as soon as I saw the pictures I loved it so much. I'm sorry it didn't turn out to be something you think you can get much wear out of, but in my eyes it is superbly beautiful- color, pattern, everything!! I say good job and enjoy what you can out of it!!

  6. Just saw the note at the bottom of the page- my blog is :))


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