Black Sheep

We have spent this week sick. My baby cought a cold for the first time and I also got it. It is a miracle how easily babies could deal with cold, my daughter was happy and playful even though she was weaker than normally.
This week I have finished another crochet toy for my baby. I was searching for crochet dolls on Pinterest when these sheeps showed off. They were so cute and I've had a ball of pompom yarn in my stash from years. 
The pattern is from Amigurumi Today. The pattern calls for a special microfibre yarn for the head and body, so I had to rethink it with my stashed yarn to be babysafe and keep the stuffing inside. I made these parts with a DK black yarn and than I crocheted around with the pompom yarn. My implementation turned out taller and slimmer than the exemplars on the blog, because I increased more and englenghtened the decreasing section.
I started to really enjoy crochet again, it gives me the reward of actually finishing something in hours. I am also able to find time for crochet more easily, since evenings were too long lately with the sick baby.  
Now my daughter is starting to have a nice collection of handmade crochet and knitted toys which I would like to improve with more animals. The next might be a chicken or a hen, we have Ester in a few weeks.
Palma's soft friends: - Guess who is the favourite one?

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  1. What a funny looking sheep! Well done! Nice collection has Palma now. I think the biggest one is het most favorite, the one who moves on it's own without batteries or other technical support XD


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