Baby Vest with Lace Yoke

I really enjoy baby knitting: there are endless cuteness and they could be completed just in no time. And the most important: I am making stuffs for my baby. 
So, I jumped into a new vest recently. I have mixed feelings about this project. You know, I am always excited about new projects, but this time I just can't wait to finish it.
Well, about the pattern I chosed. I made a huge modification on the main pattern: instead of garter stitch I knit the body in stockinette. Garter is quite bulky-looking for me and it doesn't go nicely with the lace pattern featured in this design. Otherwise, the instructions are not clear here and there, so I don't recommend it for beginners or for someone who is not familiar with short rows and lace. The istructions for short rows aren't described well in the receipt. In the way they show it, there will be holes between the sticthes. So I used the good old wrap-and-turn method.

Also my yarn joice happens to be a mistake. I use Drops Safran which is a 100% cotton yarn, they say that it is ideal for baby garments, but for me knitting is too slippery, so my knit looks uneven, though I knit on 2.5 mm needles. I hope the stitches will stretch out nicely. 
I don't want to post something that negative, so I need to say the pros as well. I LOVE that the vest is knitted in one-piece and I don't have to return to finish here and there. Once I cast off, it is finished. The color of my yarn is just so lovely and so is all the bright color chart of Safran. I am sure that I will use it later too, but maybe more for crochet.


  1. O, that colour, so beautiful! I'm sure it will looks so lovely to Palma!
    I like the pattern too, but that's easy because I don't have to knit it ;-)
    I'm sure you'll make a lovely vest of it.

  2. I love the vest so far and the color is very nice! I can share in the love of knitting for baby! I knitted baby booties last month and really loved it I can't wait to have a baby to knit for too haha :)


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