Simple Baby Hat {from an old shirt}

So, Fall is here, whether I like it or not. The speed of time makes me a little bit sad about that my baby will be a big girl one day. I know, I know, it is still far away, but you know motherhood made me so sentimental. On the other hand, I truly enjoy watching my baby girl's developement and I also enjoy clothing her. However, it is also a bit frustrating how to properly dress her - you know, not overdress or underdress. So I stocked in with autumn baby essentials, like longsleeved babysuits and warmer leggings and of course with hats. A hat is a must have for a baby in every time and it is easy and quick to sew, crochet or knit one.
This time I grabbed my sewing machine and made two lightweighted caps for the early Fall days. I used up two tops, I didn't want to throw away. The beige tank top was laying down in my closet from years, I wore it maybe twice, the birdie sleevless shirt was never worn, it just wasn't my size. Both  were made of really soft jersey fabric, ideal for baby head.
I am in love with those fast motion videos all over the internet and I wanted to make my one. So I recorded the process how I made the beanie. Enjoy the video!

I made the brim enogh wide, so the beanie can be worn fold up or fold down. /Fold up is more practical, because a slouchy hat might slip over her eyes just in one minute.
If you would like to sew a beanie, you can find several patterns on the internet, but it is easy to make your own or just use a hat as the template.
And here is my little Palma modelling her new hats on Instagram! I can't decide which one I adore more:

Hanni (@hannicraft) posted,

Hanni (@hannicraft) posted,

I hope you liked my first video! The filming was fun and easier than I expected, so maybe this wasn't the last one.

Wishing you happy crafting!


  1. Well done Hanni!
    The hat fits your doughter fantastic. It's a beautiful little girl, enjoy as much as you can before she'll be grown up; it's true that time is slipping thrue your fingers when you have children.

  2. So cute!!! I love it.


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