Progress on Baby Idun

As my baby girl grows, we have baby toys everywhere: in the living room, in the kitchen, in my husband's home office room, in the car, in our bed, on the countertop, in my purse.. When she gets busy with her toy, I can do the household chores and sometime even knit a few rows.
Currently I exclusively work on the Idun baby dress as for knitting. After finishing the stranded yoke, I returned to complete the sleeves and the neckline. So, now I don't have spare needles on my work. Sounds like a little victory for me.
I really like the i-cord cast-off, I have never tried this method before and I was concerned it wouldn't work, the hems would curl back. But it works perfectly! Plus those pretty i-cord hems doesn't break the simplicity of the stockinette, which I love! This time I will weave the ends immediately after the break, during knitting, because I don't want it to rest for days (weeks) waiting for the finishing touches. 
I worked a few rounds on the crochet basket too, but I am not too motivated on that project. 

Well, as always, I have plans. My baby needs a fancy hat/beanie/bonnet for her Christening, but haven't found the perfect one so far. So now I am asking for help. I am interested in both knitting, crochet and sewing. Please let me know if you saw a fancy pattern somewhere.

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  1. i am not familiar with the i-cord cast off, i have only ever done the traditional!!! the dress is adorable, great colors if she where wearing it today!!!


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