Chevron Baby Blanket WIP

My chevron baby blanket I've already showed you is growing nicely. I usually work on this project at evenings and nights while my baby sleeps. During the day I rarely work on it, I spend her nap time doing household chores.  
I am very grateful that I can stay at home and I have nothing else to do just care of our little daughter - okay, and of course cooking and running the household. But honestly, sometimes I am desperate for some 'oldfashioned' me time and I feel so guilty about it. I am sure that this precious time will fly away so quickly and I won't even remember how was like... and now, when I could enjoy every minute with my baby, I am thinking about 'me time'... My husband assured me, it is okay and encouraged me to do something reguraly for myself outside of our home. So I have restarted visiting my yoga studio once in a week. And I also bought a few books and ebooks to keep my mind fresh, And there is also knitting, sewing and decorating the house. And I reduced my Facebook time - my gosh, Fb makes new mums so shopaholic (and also paranoid).

So, I am really satisfied this blanket, I alternate the colors randomly. I don't want any colors to be the main color, so I try to use them evenly. The blankie will be fairly narrow, so it might serve as a cover in the baby crib. Anyway, there is just a little more to finish and than I'll jump into a new project.   


  1. Never feel guilty about you time! You need to recharge your batteries so you can be there for your little one. New mothers need care too! Love the blanket.

  2. It's beautiful, you knit and mixt perfectly the colours:). I love it:)


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