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It's been a while since I showed you how things were going with me /with us. This Summer was the best Summer in my life!!! Our baby daughter is the greatest treasure and my love grows a little everyday. I spend much of the day comforting, feeding, playing, teaching her. Our home is not that perfectly clean it used to be and our diners are simplified, but  I am okay with that, because the house is still clean and we always have something healthy to eat. I picked my knitting needles up again and started a new blanket for Palma.
She loves the little blankie I knitted for her for the first time. She really enjoys exploring the texture as she is sliding her fingers into the stitches.

This time I chosed a very simple chevron pattern. I was too excited about knitting again not to jump in immediately, so I skipped swatching. And it was a mistake... I wanted a normal size baby blankie (approx. 100x140 cm /40x54 iches) but instead, it manage to become more a stroller sized one. Maybe after blocking it will stretch out a little. Anyway, I love working on it and love my color choices.

I use Drops Cotton Light in colorways 01 (off white), 18 (pink), 05 (light pink) and 24 (grape). I don't follow any patterns or recipes, I alternate colors randomly. so I don't know how it will look like.

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  1. And your little one is so sweet dreaming while you knit for her.... :-D
    That will be a very nice blanket, I'm sure. I'm looking forward to the next update ;-)
    I'm very pleased to read everything is going fine with you all and that you enjoying every moment so much.


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