On 13th April baby Palma has arrived. She is the most beautiful girl we have ever met and immediately stole our heart. We both are in a good health. The postpartum weeks were harder than I expected both emotionally and physically. But thanks to my general good condition despite the complications recovery after delivery was relatively easy. Our life has undergone many changes during the past weeks. We enjoy these changes and our baby is a truly angel. She has already set up a scheduled routine for herself which we easily adopted, so now we can sleep, do the basic houseworks and cook something fresh and quick every day. I could be watching her all day, she is a miracle!  

Hanni (@hannicraft) által közzétett fénykép,


  1. Congratulations!! She is adorable. Now to see all the hand knits on baby as she grows?

  2. Congratulations, wat an adorable little Angel! I wish her all the best for her life and you, your husband and your little girl a lot of love, health and luck together!


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