First Christmas projects

Hence the unusual warm November weather, last weekend I felt in a real Christmas mood. Some simple Christmas decoration has already been set up a week before, but until Christmas I am going to upgrade it with new pieces. Firstly into a large silver vase I would like to take natural branches decorated with hanging ornaments. The wase is 80 cm high (approx. 36 inches), to keep it simple this requires big ornaments and really long branches.

I was searching for the perfect Christmas star ornament patterns on Ravelry. Gosh, it is really hard to pick just one. So I chosed a knitted one and a crochet one which I already tried in 2013.
This knitted pattern is quite simple, just knits and yos, worked in flat. If you haven't worked short rows before, it is an ideal project to start and see how fantastic this technique is. The pattern is by Kristen Ashbaugh-Helmreich published on Jimmy Beans Wool website.

I love crochet snowflakes, maybe a little bit more than knitted ones. I think crochet stitches make the finished thing more firm. The pattern I followed was published on Red Heart Yarns website. Although I love this pattern, I think the knitted star and this snowflake doesn't match. So I would like to find another crochet one. 
If you know something more matching, please share with me. It doesn't have to be a star or snowflake, the point is to be single-coloured with a simple and sophisticated design. Do you think a few hearts would look good?

I also get some progress in my purple sweater, the increasing section has already been started, There are just two deceasing rounds ahead and hopefully I reach the underarms this weekend. Nice project, but I really need to interrupt it with something more interesting and these progress posts also help me to stay motivated. 

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  1. The stars look beautiful, I'm looking forward to see the final result. Have a great weekend!


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