Early November Yarn Along

 My purple pullover is growing nicely. I started this project in September and planning to finish it before Christmas. It is a great bedside project but also a little bit boring, since there are so many rounds to knit before hit a turning point. I have just finished the decreasing section. 

For those who missed my previous post about this sweater: the pattern is from Knit.Wear Magazine, designed by Katya Frankel. I use DROPS Baby Merino in dark purple colorway. The gauge differs a little bit from the recommended, so I went a size bigger needles and also modified the decreasing instructions. Since I am working on the wrong (knit) side in stockinette, to get the same result on the right (purl) side modifications in the eyelet were also needed and when I reach the shoulder section, obviously there will be further major changes too. 

Nowadays I do all my things in the presence of my pug: she follows me everywhere, observe me while gardening, cooking, reading and of course pays a huge attention to my yarnie hobby. She loves stealing yarnballs from my stash and chewing them, so it is also challenging to knit while she is in a playful mood.
The pullover on my growing belly - spot the pug:

So now about my great project :) My baby bump is growing very quickly in these weeks. I can still wear a lot from my old clothes, mostly skirts and loose-fit garmets. I stopped running and all cardio excercises because I just don't feel comfortable during dynamic workouts.I am in week 19th and feel my tummy already so big. 

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  1. Oh, what a beautiful belly can you show now! Almost half way, enjoy as much as posssible, time flies ;-)
    I hope everything is going alright with you and the baby. Take good care of yourself now.

  2. the important thing is that you are feeling good!!!!!!! As Angelique says : enjoy all these little changes !!!!!! ;oD
    xxxxxx Ale


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