As I have already mentioned in my latest post, a couple weeks ago we dropped our apartment to the marked and sold it. Our buyer asked us to move out in three weeks, so we didn't have enough time to find the next home. We got packed our stuff as quickly as a wink and moved to my parents's house.
We spent the last few weeks with intensive home searching. I guess I spent at least houndred hours on the web browsing houses. We also took a few house tours and this week we made a deal for our new home.  We still have to wait two or three months to move in, but feel overjoyed about the house!
The house needs some basic renovation work and I hope that a few things can be done by our hands as well. Anyway I love this new chapter of our life! All those hours spent with planning and dreaming spice up our relationship. It is such a huge step for us. 

I don't knit too much lately, I have a bigger project on my bedside. I have started working on this cardigan: Lace Back Hoodie by Mari Tobita. I had been eyeing this beautiful pattern from a while, but found it too challenging. Now I feel the ability to complete it. I am just very slow. I made a few major modifications on the pattern: I work in one piece from top down and want to get a more fitted garmet. 

I hope that in next few weeks while waiting to get the keys, I will have a little time to knit, share and now I start digging for the best DIY project ideas around the house. 


  1. Good luck Hanni !!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  2. Congratiulations with your new home, I hope you'll live there very happy together :-)
    Nice new project!


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