My Conifer

I finished my Conifer cardigan a couple weeks ago and today I finally found some time to take a few photos. I am so excited about showing my work!

I just LOVE this cardigan. It worths to wait a little bit longer for Spring as long as I can wear this piece. By the way the cuffs serve me well in chilly morinings and the lightweight alpaca fits nicely to my slinky jackets.
I started this project in the last days of November. Firstly, I completed the arms and than went to the body. I followed the description for my normal size, but I found it too big, so unravelled. I restarted with the smallest size, because I wanted a fitted sweater- and so why I added a little waist shaping. 
I might be not fully satisfied with the buttonband, sewing a piece of ribbon underneath is still needed. 
I am absolutely sure about that picking the normal side was the right choice, The original pattern called for a reverse stockinette cardigan, but I couldn't resist the chevron. Other main modification was that instead of knitting and purling, I knitted the whole body in the round and at the end cut the steeks. The cuffs were also knitted in the round. I don't like sewing my knits.
Since the pattern was published in The Knitter magazine, the instructions weren't as detailed as a single-purchased pattern, so I don't recommend for beginner stranded knitters.
If you are curious about more photos and other details visit my Ravelry project page.

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Things are happening so fast with us these days, We dropped our apartment to the market and immediately sold it. Since I have been dreaming about moving into a family house, I am very happy about that but we need to leave our home just in two weeks. On the one side, I love changes and I feel excitement about the fresh start but on the other side, I keep packing our stuffs with tears in my eyes. We started our marriage in this little flat and although I was whining a lot about how little it is for us, and I didn't have enough place even for the kitchenware or an ideal spot to take photos for my blog, I'll miss these walls. For the next couple months we move into my parents' house in the suburb and keep searching for our next own home. It is not easy to find a good one in the neighbourhood we would like to live. 
So there are nothing on my needles right now. I can't remember even a week in the near past when I had nothing to work in.
I am saying goodbye to old home with a few pictures of past projects taken in various spots in the aparment.
The most photographed spot was probably the bathroom's door:

Sometimes the pantry's door was featured also:
The kitchen was really sunny, but so tiny, not ideal to spend my blog time:

In Summer I loved taking pictures on the balcony: 

 The darkly furnitured place was our living room, where I worked a lot on my projects and photograhed the finished pieces: 

I excitedly face with the future and hope we find our next home quickly.