At turning point

I am going with my new cardigan pretty well. I just reached a real turning point: I am done with the body and now need to cut it. This is the hardest part of colorwork, although I know it won't unravel, my hands are shaking.
In my latest post I asked your advice which side should I use. The original pattern shows a cool reverse stockinette cardigan, but I really love the nice chevron pattern on the 'right' side. So I decided I am going to use that side and maybe next time I'll create something with the reverse.

I also have some bad news. The stripe cardigan I made for months need to be unravelled, since it has turned out too small. All those working hours with 3.00 mm and 2.50 mm... what a huge waist.

I am not going to reknit it, I'll use up the yarn for an other project. Do you have any idea what to knit with Drops Fabel and Drops Delight? I am seeking for a longtime project, preferably a cardigan or a sweater. I have 6 skeins of Fabel and 4 skeins of Delight. It doesn't matter if it requires more yarn, since these colors are usually in stock in my favourite webshops.

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  1. Lovely looking cardigan. I haven't made one yet, partly because I don't think I'll be brave enough to cut it haha! The stripe cardigan is fab.

  2. RIP striped cardigan. it's always a shame when that happens D:

  3. such a pity for the stripy cardigan….so sorry for you Hanni….
    …. congrats for the other one, instead!!!!
    Have fun cutting, yeah!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  4. I wouldn't dare to cut, I think you're very brave, good luck!
    What a shame you have to unravel the striped cardigan :-) But when it will not be worned, it will be much more a shame. I'm sure you'll make something beautiful with the yarn.

  5. great !
    Greetings from Poland :)

  6. So sad you have to re knit it :( it looks like you put a lot of work into it!

  7. I prefer the right side in knits. So sorry about your striped cardigan!!!


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