My first WIP in 2015

Before Christmas I started a new project, a really challenging one. One of my greatest knitting goals is becoming better at colorwork. I have already knitted a cardigan using two colors and a pair of Selbu mittens. Working with more strands is a little bit tricky and I really enjoy that each stitch requires focusing and deep concentration - a great therapy for me.
I was afraid of going too deep into colorwork and working with more than two strands at one row but wanted to create something colorful. Besides my fair isle goal, I also wanted to knit something from the bottom up. The cardigan I picked is Conifer using two strands, eight colors and worked bottom up, it has been designed by Rosee Woodland. I felt in love with the reverse stockinette texture and the unusual cuffs are really cool as well. 

Though the construction is just perfect, I am planning a few modifications. First of all I chosed darker colors: the main color is grey with contrasting shades of red, orange, grey and light lime. 
I am ready with the arms and working on the body. Inspite of working flat I prefer working in the round and at the end I am going to steek it. 
Although I felt in love with the reverse stockinette as I progress with the work, I love the regular side a little bit more. So now I am still hesitating which side I will use. The reverse is so cool, but I also love the neat stich definition at the stockinette side. What is your opinion? Which one would you chose?

These days my knitting time is very limited. My life has changed a lot during the last couple months. I have been promoted and my new job exhausts me that much mentally and emotionally that I don't feel enough energy to make anything at nights. A few weeks ago I visited my doctor because of reoccuring belly aches and other stomach-related issues. The biopsy showed coeliac disease so now I am keeping a one-month long gluten free diet to confirm the diagnosis. Christmas was a little bit challenging because I had to miss traditional sweet bites. Since I am not allowed to eat out in the restaurants I used to, I have to prepare all meals for myself. Anway I find it rather exciting and love my new lifestyle. I really miss knitting and blogging and hopefully I can find its place in my new routine. 


  1. I'm hoping to knit a few things that involve more than 2 colors this year as well. These days I really love knitting things that challenge me.

    I would chose the stockinette side for your cardi. I like the zigzags.

  2. YEs, you're in the blogging-world again!
    What a beautiful cardigan are you knitting! I love the regular site, but that's maybe because I'm a rather regular.
    Congratiulations whith your promotion, but don't forget to listen to your self ;-)
    The intollerence is not nice, but I'm glad you see it like a challange.

  3. That is such a hard choice -both sides of the sweater are so pretty. I think I prefer the right side (knit side) because the pattern and colors are better defined, but I've always been a bit of a traditionalist. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

  4. That looks like a big challenge. And I love your color choice ♥ Ana BC

  5. Have a great 2015 Hanni!!!!
    congratulations for your work promotion, but it's a pity not to read you so often on your blog!
    Hope you'll feel better soon and why don't you use both sides for your cardi? I know : it sounds a little bit crazy, right?
    xxxxxxx Ale

  6. Hi Hanni! That cardi is lovely, I think I prefer it right side up, but, like another commenter above, I too am a bit of a traditionalist!

  7. I like the look of the revverse side, but I have a big tendency to snag my sweaters, so it would be the stockinette side for me...from a purely practical point of view. Hopping over from yarn along.


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