A setback and a new WIP to go

I haven't completed any of my projects showed you two weeks ago. The cardigan is a long-term challange because on the collar I have more than 500 stitchen on my needles, so in an hour I can manage to complete just 4 or 5 rows. Since the progress is not spectacular, I haven't taken a new one. Anyway I am working on the cardi and I am going to finish during next few weeks.

The other project I was writing about last time was my colorwork shawl. I suffer a setback, because just a few inches before the end I ran out of yarn and none of my country retailers has this color in stock. It was completely my fault, I haven't estimated the yardage correctly - somehow I forgot that Drops Alpaca is deeply under 200yd per ball. So now I am waiting my webshop to receive the shipment and keep my fingers crossed to have Lime color in the package.

Otherwise I am pretty satisfied with the color combination. What do you think about? Do the lime match to the grey and blue? 

To replace my shawl project I casted on a new shawl as well. This design has been in my head from a while, lets see how can I realize it. Just a few words: cables, textured, sideways... I am using the amazing Malabrigo Silky Merino in Lavander colorway.

I am curious about how other knitters spend this early fall days. 

Wishing you happy knitting!

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  1. Oh dear, that lavender silky yarn is sooooo pretty!

  2. Sorry you couldn't finish the blue, grey and lime green. Hope the yarn get there soon for you. I love the new purple shawl... Beautiful.

  3. Ciao Hanni!!!!
    I love the colours you have chosen and put together….. be patient and soon you'll see the end of your work!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  4. Your project is still growing, doesn't matter, if it is a slow progressing one. I hope you get your yarn soon and so you can complete your projects. The yarn for the new shawl looks pretty!:)

  5. Lovely projects, Hanni. Some projects take longer than others, and they need patience ;-) Hope teh yarn arrives soon, because it looks beautiful
    ♥ Ana BC

  6. I have been a bit of a failure when it comes to knitting these past few weeks :( setting u pa new blog has been aking up too much of my time, I guess and it is ongoing! I always get this extra surge of knitting energy at this time of year though!

  7. I like both shawls. And agree that the lavender silky merino is lovely. Thank you for sharing!


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