Ravellenics 2014

I am not a competetive type of girl, but I love games, where you don't have to win over anybody just challenge yourself. This year I joined to Ravelry Winter Games. The deadline was short, we had two weeks to complete our projects. I am a slow knitter, a really slow knitter...  
I participated in WIP Dancing, which was about finishing something, that had been already started before the games. I'd started this sweater two weeks before Ravellenics, but couldn't reach a great progress, because went really slow. I started with raglan sleeves, than I just couldn't find out how to join the lace panel so I restarted with set-in sleeves construction. After knitting the first half of the body, I had realized that it had turned out too big for me, so unravelled again. After I restarted for the third time, it went out without difficulties until the sleeves, those short rows with wrap-and-turns were really slow plus I needed to unravel one of the sleeves, because it was too puffy. Although I couldn't complete in time, since I finished 2,5 hours after the deadline, it worthed every single seconds I pushed into it.
About the construction:
The pullover was made completely seemless. Worked from the top down, flatters to my figure and features a longer back with a rounded hem. For the front panel I chosed a very simple lace pattern which was enough easy to memorize.
Pattern: my design
Materials: 6 skeins of Drops Baby Alpaca Silk
Needles: 3.00 and 2.50 mm
Appox. hours: 50 hours

See lot of photos on my Ravelry project page

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  1. What a realy beautiful sweater! Very well done!

  2. What a lovely sweater! It looks so professional too. Well worth the time :)

  3. It is a gorgeous pullover ♥ Congratulations, Hanni!

  4. my compliments Hanni!!!!!!!
    xxxxxxx Ale

  5. Wow, I'm impressed! I love the front detail and the fit looks perfect

  6. The sweater came out great and good for you for sticking to it. But I love that cowl!

  7. Just stunning - beautiful! I wish I had the patience for something like this!

  8. ooh! beautiful, well done. enjoy wearing your pretty sweater!

  9. What a gorgeously made sweater, congrats. :]


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