My Iðunn

I have finished my latest cardigan from two weeks. This traditional icelandic cardi is my actual favourite, because keeps me warm meanwhile it is very lightweighted, don't pull out of shape and looks so great with jeans.
The pattern is designed by Ragga Eiríksdóttir and published in Knitty for free. (Yay!) Her instructions are very clearly written, easy to follow and enough detailed to be a great first steeking project. I made steeking at the first time and I'd got every informations from her! (Okay, a glass of vine also helped me to C-U-T my work...)

I shared this picture befor steeking on Instagram:) 
Well, steeking is a brilliant idea! By skipping those purl rows knitting time had been reduced with hours. 
My Iðunn cardigan was my most documented knit. I have taken at least a hundred pictures in progress and another hundred of the finished item. One of the reasons of that big number was the actual shade of the main color. It is grape: so not blue, not lilac, it is somewhere between them. 

Main changes I made:
  • as usually with U.S. standards I went to a size smaller, I made the 'S' size.  
  • I used more from contrast color
  • after finishing the yoke and the extra back shaping started decreasing to have a better fit
  • I reknitted the lower part of the body, because I wanted the ribbing to begin from my ‘balance point’ as I’d learnt from Sally Melville :)
  • It turned out a little bit loose on the neckline, so I added one repeat of ribbing after first time wearing it


The yarn I chosed is Lett-lopi from Ístex. It is great, because less processed than other wool yarns, made from 100% new wool and extra warm. It knits up nicely, maintains even tension so I highly recommend for beginners. I followed Ragga’s tip and soaked my cardigan in hair conditioner… well, it is better, but not a softy soft cardigan, I hope after wearing and washing a couple times it will soften more.

For more (modeled) pictures and the full knitting story visit my project page on Ravelry.
Wishing you happy knitting!


  1. Congratulations, Hanni! It is amazing. It looks so hard to make, yet it fits you perfectly. And I love the colors. Enjoy it :-)

  2. oh dear hanni! you've made an heirloom! your cardigan is gorgeous. you did beautiful work, i'm really so inspired. a traditional lopi sweater has been on my 'hope to' list for many years now. i love that you took so many photos to document this special knit, i think thats a great idea, so deserving. enjoy your beautiful Iðunn. xxxxxxxx lori

  3. What a very beautiful cardigan! It looks so soft and warm, I think once you wear it, you wouldn't put it off anymore :-)
    Lovely colours (but that I've said before ;-) )

  4. it turned out so well it looks beautiful I love the blue and yellow together, You are such a great knitter !


  5. Anonymous11/19/2013

    Wow!!!! That is one gorgeous sweater my friend :D

  6. Your cardigan looks very beautiful indeed!! Great job!!

  7. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Oh I want one now :) It fits perfectly and looks so lovely :)

  8. Anonymous11/21/2013

    Oh, so pretty! Beautiful color work!

  9. It is stunning! I love it. I'm trying to get to courage to knit up a pattern that needs to be cut.

  10. it looks fabulous, love the colours. You are so brave to cut your knitting!

  11. Wow, this is fab! I can't imagine how you felt when you cut it.....really glad it worked out as it looks lovely x


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