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Last week was a big rush for me, I had to work over the weekends also, these last weeks in my office are always busy. I am trying to calm down with some Christmas knit, candle light, gourmet coffee and baking:

I started to knit mittens. There is no better way than a red&white Christmas-themed pair of fingerless gloves to show knitter's pride during the holidays:

It's been a while I casted on this cowl, but unravelled the other day, because I realized, that I don't want the ribbing part.

Last week I've received lot of kind compliments for my new cardi. I feel so touched, thank you!

Wishing you happy knitting and happy Thanksgiving for my U.S. friends!


  1. I love the red and white, so bright!
    I've unraveled quite a few things myself after being pretty far into a project and deciding it wasn't going the way i'd hoped. I figure i'd rather unravel and use it for something I like than finish the project and wish I had unraveled sooner.

  2. Cute cute lace tree!!

  3. What lovely mittens! I really want to make a pair like that...I'm slowly working up the courage...

  4. I love the red and white fingerless gloves your are knitting. Great for Christmas.

  5. I love the red and white gloves you are knitting! they look great so far, the pattern is very nice. I love using red wool around this time of year :) I love the knitted christmas trees for your table too :)


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