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Our vacation has ended, we have spent nine beautiful days in Italy. Napoli trully amazed me. It is crowded, noisy, polluted, but charming and has a very unique historical athmosphere. Although with its almost 1-million inhabitants Napoli is the third largest city in Italy it has a soul! I think big cities are often soulles, they aren't made for living (at least not for me).
I loved the Roman ruins in Pompei and Capua, especially in Capua. It seemed if the Roman gladiators had left the place just a little time ago. Plus at that time we we were the only visitor in that amphitheater, the privacy we had helped me to feel the athmoshpere deeper.

Pompei Forum
Naples has lot of relation to Hungarian history. One of our greatest middle-age kings, King Charles Robert  de Anjou was born and raised in Naples. His son had conquered the city for a short time and the famous queen of Naples Joann de Anjou had been married to Charles's other son. An interesting chapter is the 19th century too, when after 1848 lot of former Hungarian revolutioner settled down in South Italy.
Castel of the Anjou family
Castel of Eggs
Napoli has interesting museums, we have visited several of them: Capodimonte, Archeological Museum, the museum in Castel Nouvo, the Archives, Caserta and skipped lot of them, because we were unable to take in more culture.
We quite often found ourselves lost. Some travel articles (okay, actually most of them) are warning danger in some areas like in the spanish district. Well, we were walking there and in other so-called dangerous places, but never felt unsafe. Although the people outside the hotel and restaurants don't really speak English and their Italian dialect differed from that one my husband speaks, they were friendly and usually understand each other somehow.
In our last day we visited Capri. Oh, I have never been in such an amazing place! Deep blue see, white rocks, green leaves, blooming flowers, nice houses and of course tousands of people. As we usually did, we were losing the tourist routes and had found ourselves in the woods hiking a hill. Actually I was hiking in a muslin summer dress and flip flops. But it totally worthed all the dust!

In Capri wearing my new bolero.
Do you remember the bolero I was talking about before? I hadn't got it finished before the vacation, but completed during the first two evenings in our hotel room. For more modelled pictures visit my Ravelry project page.  I was wearing it proudly in Capua and for a diner.
I am going to knit another sample, because this one streched badly and losed the shape. Arrgh, I should have to know, that it wouldn't work! I used to knit with this yarn a shawl and behaved terribly. 

So now I am looking for a new hand-dyed yarn in fingering weight to knit the second sample. If you adore any artisan dyer, please give her shop's link. Preferably an European because of the shipping time.

I am looking forward to visit my favourite blogs and check what you did during the past days! 


  1. Your vacation pictures look so beautiful! It makes me want to go there :) Looks like you had a wonderful time

  2. really happy that you enjoyed your time in Italy!!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  3. looks like a great holiday, we are planning Italy for 2014

  4. How jealous of your trip i am! Love your bolero shot, just like a modeled shot!


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