I have completed my first self-designed tee. At first I had the yarn: Catania from SMC. Quite popular yarn, but mostly used for crochet. I was a little bit afraid, that it wouldn't be soft enough to wear, but it is. I chosed a neutral color matching to my skin and hair. After I had bought the yarn, I was thinking about the desing. I wasn't sure about if I had wanted a cardi or a shirt. I hadn't decided it yet when I had started to knit. Started from the top to down. 
By the time I had been ready with the arm-shaping, I had decided, that I would knit a shirt. I had practical reasons: there are lot of cardigans in my closet... I didn't need another one. 
I chosed the simple quite often-used leaves-panel to break the simplicity. I wanted to drop down a stitch on both sides of the panel, but on that way it would be to airy for me. The neckline turned out a little bit low, so I attached a little collar.
I tailored the shirt to my figure and was so happy when it hadn't losed the shape after blocking. 
 It was kinda relaxing meditative knitting. It took about a few weeks to complete. 
For more modelled pictures visit my Ravelry project page.

Ps.: I wore it last Sunday for the first time, my mum's baby dog was jumping around us to play with her. Taking good photos was impossible with such a playful company.

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  1. Amazing top, Hanni!!! it is a work of art, and it fits you perfectly. Congratulations :-)

  2. Very pretty!! Well done!!:)

  3. Very beautiful, you did a wonderful job.

  4. What a pretty top. Love the leafy panel, and the neutral colour helps it stand out.


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