Birthday again

Today is my birthday, my favourite day of the year. Today I am free from work and just doing things I would like to.
I am quite satisfied with my 28th year. I was working a lot on myself to become a better person, spent quality time with my loved ones, I started to work out three times in a week, went to slightly more eco-friendly and took care of our health and well-being.
This is my last birthday in my twenties, although my age is just a number and I don't realize this year as a turning point or something very meaningful border, I have some goals for the next twelve month.

This year I am planning to...

 work more on myself both physically and mentally
 be a better wife (I will cook more)
 take part in a summer music festival (I have never been to any and I can't let my twenties to go without a great festival!)
 visit a country I have never been to (preferably some place in south)
 travel to the annual pilgrimage to Csíksomlyó, Transylvania (I am not Catholic, but thousands of Hungarians going there in every year and I must feel that spirit)
 do less and live more
 pray more and worry less

Today I have a special skein of handspun and hand-dyed yarn to celebrate:

Wish you all a lovely July 4th!


  1. Wish you a Very Happy Birthday, Hanni!! :) nice yarn and nice basket too!!
    I liked your goals and I always try to achieve that second goal. I feel I have reduced my cooking time owing to crafty time and cook only what is extra special cuisines ....I need to change myself on that.

  2. Happy Birthday!
    Funny, my youngest son has his birthday also today (he's now 18 years)
    What a lovely young age do you have!
    Enjoy your day and make something special of this liveyear (and oof the next, and the next after it ;-) )

  3. Happy Birthday¡¡¡¡

  4. Buon Compleanno Hanni!!!!!!
    You are still so young and so wise!!!! ;oD
    xxxxx Ale


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