A new WIP

I have some great news. I had finished my summer tee I was blogging about last time. A will write a little post about this exciting knitting, but if you would like to have a peak about the finished shirt check out it on its ravelry project page

In my birthday post I showed a picture from a beautiful handspun & hand-dyed yarn I purchased from a Hungary based artist. This is the first time I am using hungarian yarn and I must say, I love this one! So soft and natural and the colors are stunning... shades between pink and orange... what a fashionable match!
I am knitting a little neckwarmer for the colder season and will knit a matching hat too. It is designed by me. I wanted to create a decorative garment featuring a repetative lace pattern to highlight the unique beauty of the artisan dying. 

During the last few weeks I was quite busy with my training that ended today. Yay! Now I am focusing on my knitting and on my birthday resolution: being a better wife and cooking more!

Wish you happy creating!

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  1. that yarn is fabulous! wow, great colorway. and the neckwarmer is coming along beautifully. it is going to be stunning!

  2. Hi Hanni!! I saw your shirt on Ravelry. It has turned out very nice !! Congrats!! :)
    The neck warmer looks pretty too!! All the best for your resolution !!

  3. You are super talented - I love the tee that you linked to, I had one just like it once and I loved it!

  4. What lovely yarn! Such a bright happy colour!

  5. beautiful yarn for a neck warmer, can't wait to see that matching hat!

  6. the cowl will be amazing, and the color is very happy :-)

  7. you are right : that yarn looks beautiful!!!!
    Enjoy your free time and knit, knit and knit!!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  8. Such a beautiful yarn. I love your pattern also.

  9. You must be very talented to create such a beautiful and intricate pattern. Lovely!


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