Too much WIPs

It seems that my craft projects get over with my organizing skills. I have already bet that I wouldn't have that much projects at one time, but I just couldn't be not me. On the other side these days I learnt a lot about my crafts. 
Do you remember to my big crochet circle? I started to unravel it, because after eating 600 yards of DK weight yarn it hasn't reached the desired measurements. The other thing why I wasn't satisfied with it, that I didn't like batik yarn crocheted on this way. Anyway I have to tell, that it wasn't an easy decision to stop, but who likes unravelling that much work... Now I started a very simple crochet bag using granny squares. My idea of turning a big circle into a bag is still live in my mind, but I have to find a thicker yarn to make it.
batik granny squares

batik granny squares

On Sunday I started something wearable for me. It will me a little sweater for the hot summer days. I don't follow any pattern. I hope that I won't regret my yarn choice. I am using Catania, which I haven't used before for wearables nor knitting. Have you ever knitted something wearable with mercerized cotton? Do you think is it good for clothes?
Catania sweater

The third fiber work I am on is a little blanket /or a big pillowcase/ to use up a few skeins from my stash. I don't know how many squares I can knit with these skeins, I hope they will be enough for a small blanket. If not, it will be perfect for a pillowcase.

I am still working on those handpainted pillows. I designed an owl stencil. Finally I made a very simple pattern, that seems enough easy to brush along, but still cute. I can't wait to show you the finished owl pillow!
Here are some peaks:
owl stencil

owl stencil
Yes, it will be a huge owl! It measures 20".

Wish you happy creating!

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  1. All your WIPs look amazing, Hanni...can't wait to see the unfold...

  2. What a pitty the bag doesn't turned out as you wished. I'm sure you will make a new one wich is beautiful.
    The other projects will be beautiful as well; I'm looking forward to the finished products ;-)

  3. love the chosen colours for the little blanket!!!
    the owl looks stunning!!!
    xxxx Ale

  4. Your squares a looking gorgeous. Love the colours.
    That cotton should be good for wearables as it doesn't stretch like other cotton yarns.
    Enjoy your owl project.

  5. I love the colour of those squares so pretty, shame about the bag but I'm sure you will come up with something even better :)

  6. Love the blue, yellow and white color combination! Can't wait to see how your owl pillow turns out. I need to get a project started. I usually only stick to one at a time or else I lose interest and never finish :)


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