First time using bamboo

I am working on a big knitting project now as I mentioned in my latest WIP post. It will be a cardigan - the first I have ever made! It is almost finished, now is under blocking. {If you would like to see some peek visit my project page.}
Somehow this Spring is the season of the first things for me. I few weeks ago I completed my first triangular shawl. I was dreaming of a classy lace shawl from a while, but was waiting for the right time to start it. Our 4-day trip in March seemed the right time to work on this project - of course four night wasn't enough to complete a shawl, but at least I kept my hands busy.

The pattern I chosed is a very popular free pattern on Ravelry - I decided to play safe and wanted a doable pattern. So I downloaded Holden Shawlette from Mindy Wilkins. Great, well written instructions, easy to follow, repetitive motifs, so it was a perfect choice for our travel.
About the yarn I can't talk in superlatives. I used Alize Bamboo Batik Design. Well, bamboo is not my favourite fiber. Although it is so soft, I just don't like slippery materials and bamboo doesn't have a good memory - it looks worn very easily. 
This picture has been taken after a few times wear, the edges are curling. The picot edging totally disappeared and I am sad about it - all of that blocking work for nothing...
Although I am not 100% satisfied with my first triangular shawl and with bamboo yarn, I am sure that I am not done with it, I will give to bamboo an other chance :)


  1. Your shawl and the design looks very pretty! I have never tried bamboo yarn but heard a lot about its softness. Now that you said even after blocking it doesn't give that good results, I have to think before working on it. Same is with pearl threads. I have anchor pearl crochet cotton which is meant for the edgings but they are too soft to hold the edging in shape.

  2. I love how your shawl turned out! The colors are so pretty. Maybe you could try bamboo again with something less intricate and it might work better :)

  3. shabby chic look!!!! not bad with a pair of jeans and a simple white shirt!!!!!
    xxxx Ale

  4. I have never tried bamboo yarn, but I do think your shawl is gorgeous!!!! Love the colors too!

  5. I think it looks really lovely! :)
    Helen x


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