April WIPs

There is a pretty busy month behind me: I worked a lot, started a language course and we made a little trip with my husband. It was also busy in my mind and heart. I am so emotional nowadays, I feel that I need to do some changes, but don't know the 'what' and 'how-to', I just feel, there is something wrong around me. It freakes me out and makes me depressed. 
But I am crafting a lot, because I want to make my days a little bit nicer.
I have finished a cardigan this month. See my WIP and modelled pictures on Rav project page. Lili turned to one this month, so I also joined to my CAL to complete a chickie pillow for her. For the ultimate cuteness see my pictures from her. 
I have started a new bag project.

At this point it may remind to a tablecloth:

This weird circle will be a hippy bag for the Summer: colorful and very roomie. Currently it doesn't look like a bag, but trust me, it will be a bag! I wanted to gift it to my brother's girlfriend, but I have realized, that she prefers neutrals. So I will keep it to myself.
Honestly it is a little bit boring project: I am making just hdc's around. It is a perfect travelling project, but doesn't use up my crafty energy. 

Now I am working on redecorating our apartment, there won't be big changes, but every home need some refreshment sometime. So now I push my energy to uplift it with some organizing and new accessories.
I did the organizing part while I was doing the Spring cleaning. Now I am making new throw pillows for the living room. Our living room is very masculine: dark shades of brown and green, dark wooden furnitures, leather couch and lot of metal things with lime green wall. I must break down this darkness.
For the pillows I chosed an ecru fabric (80% cotton, 20% viscose) and brown fabric paint.

The paint I chosed is chestnut brown, matches perfectly to the living room:

I am making a few pillows with different patterns. To one of them I would like to paint an owl. I want just one owl pillow, more of them would look too childish in our very masculine living room. I made four sketches:

I think I will make a hundred more until I find the right one. I don't know yet, if it will be a big, detailed owl or a small one sitting on a branch. These are pretty simple sketches, because I don't want to risk, painting fabric is not easy since it is almost impossible to make corrections. So after I chosed the right one, I will have to make a perfect template and then start to paint. Please keep your fingers acrossed for me, I haven't painted from years!

I can't wait Wendsday to see all the your running craft projects!

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  1. Wonderful projects, Hanni! I personally love owl #3

  2. Looking forward to seeing your owl pillows! I love owls. They are my favorite right now.

    I hope you find what will make you happier soon. Maybe the warmer weather will help you to have some new perspective :)

  3. really like the 2nd and the 4th owls!!!
    it's good to enter in the mood you are right now, because it motivates you to make some changes in your life!!! fresh air!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  4. I too am going through a busy time, the feeling that I am doing something yet there are no satisfactory results...or may be I am becoming too impatient for quick results. But as always, we will feel better after sometime. These little phases teach us the value of life and perseverance and give energy to fight back emotions. New changes to home gives a fresh feeling.
    I liked all the owls:) wish you the best for your WIPs and be happy !

  5. I LOVE your owls, that is one fabulous project. I am also a huge sucker for bag, and I like the color of yours!

  6. great pictures! you can never have too many owls, they're so in right now !

  7. The owls are so cool! And I love the idea of a bag! I think I might have to make one myself :-)

  8. Anonymous5/01/2013

    Wonderful projects! I love the owls. Number 3 is my favorite:)

  9. You will have 100 lovely owls in the end. :-)

  10. I really like the owl pictures :-)

  11. love all your crafting!

  12. Awesome projects! My favorite owl is number 4.

    Here's my WIP:

  13. Nice project! I love owls... Number 3 is my favourite!


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