March WIPs

There is no better timing than the last winter week to finish my current WIPs. I must confess something: I have too many running projects at one time. But I am not alone with this problem, aren't I? Sometimes I just jump into an other project without finishing the previous one. 
Well, I am having my basketwave purse still unfinished. Just the last step is missing. I chosed the lining and during this week complete it. There will be a purple wool fabric inside: so warm :) 

I have my first shawl in progress: just 3 rows more to finish: 

I started to crochet a miniature chicken gang for Easter following my pattern. {Sorry there is no picture about the buddies, post comes soon.}

Started an ultimate stash-busting project: entrelac. But I decided, that I would hibernate it for a couple weeks. I realized I don't have enough time to complete it.

Last week I ordered some yarn and purchased a pattern for a very pretty cardigan. I am starting it.

Meanwhile I am hosting a CAL on Ravelry for my chicken pillow. It runs until 15th April, for the first five ravellers the pattern is free, for other participants the pattern is 50% off. (If you want to crochet it, there is no better timing.)

Can't wait to see what are you working on!

On Wendesday I will link the post to these fabulous WIP parties:



  1. yes, I know very well this kind of situation!!! I think it's nice, anyway, to have many projects on the go : it's impossible to get bored then! ;oD
    Next Saturday my boys will start their Easter holidays, so I'll start to crochet your chicken pillow: I have more time and no rush!!!
    thank you again Annie, xxxx Ale

  2. Anonymous3/20/2013

    The way the colours in that shawl are striping looks amazing! (Found you from the Yarn Along)

  3. hi hanni! love all your wip's, have fun finishing!

  4. So many beautiful WIPs!

  5. Wow you are so very busy... So many fun and beautiful WIPs ... Have fun finishing them.


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