WIP February

February was a busy month for me, mostly I was at home alone, husband spent a lot of time away from home. 

I was a little bit away from my blog, but not from my craft.
I started this month a yarn order. I planned to make a cute gift for Juci using some of these balls

On Saturday she has received the gift. I was so happy with the result, that I had to write a tute. The pattern is already alive in my shops, you can see it on my sidebar. I will post about it next week. 
I designed a new headband. {See the post here.} Those headbands are so usefeul for me now, when we have still cold, but not that much.
I am done with knitting and blocking my handbag, but it is before sewing:

I started to knit a softie. I took this picture on Thursday. Since then the body is unravelled.... I started over.
I am also working on a hat. This is not a new design, I am just crocheting again my Little Red Riding Hood Beret. The pattern had some errors and instead of fixing, I am simplifying it.

This year I used up:
  • knitting: 393 meters yarn
  • crochet: 490 meters yarn
Wish you happy knitting and crocheting!
This is a scheduled post, currently I am on a little trip and I wasn't sure if I will have a good wifi or time to use the internet. If so I will link the post to my usually WIP parties.

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  1. How sweet, the chicken-cushion!
    I'm sure your bag will be beautiful when it's finished.
    Have a nice stay, wherever you are now ;-)

  2. Love those yarn colors you bought! Looking forward to seeing what you do with them :)

  3. OHH yarn....I love it!!!
    xxx Ale


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