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Normally I don't commit myself to New Year's resolutions, but this year I would like to make some changes: step out of my comfort zone, try harder, make things that before I would never try, and don't say 'I can't'. The other things I really like to find balance between my family, friends, job and my hobbies. I think I have already made a great time schedule to have time for everything. My blog break helped me a LOT, seriously just step out a little from your daily routine, and you will see how you should do it. This year I would like to push myself to use my time better and be more focused.

Our newest 'self-portrait' from an other angle . 

I am an intuitive person by nature and a bit changable. {Okay very changable.} I always blogged about my recent and random projects, I have never had blogging schedule, the only regular things I had (just for a couple times) the WIP Wendsdays. I thought I wouldn't be able to follow a routine, but now I would like to put in some regular posts on my blog. 

1. Pattern of the Month
It would be great to share one free pattern in each month. Last year I shared 22 patterns, which meant almost 2 per month, but there were weeks, when I published two, and after for weeks nothing. One pattern is doable! 

2. Monthly WIP
In summer I should do WIP posts in every week, but nowadays it is hard to catch the sun, so I am thinking to show you once in a month some of my wip projects.

3. Wreath of the Month
I have a foam wreath and I will redecorate it each month to give a fresh look to our home. It is also a challange for myself.

4. Monthly Favourites

I am so excited about this. I would like to show my favourite projects from my blogger friends every month. I have so many talented blogger friends and this whole blogging activity is about the community. 

I write normally eight post per month. It is a comfortable number for me, so after these changes half of my posts will be about my random projects and patterns. 

And one thing I would REALLY want: to take more photos outdoor. Well, it is a great challange for me, the urban girl. I don't have a backyard, just a small balcony, but my parents and  in-laws have and there is a nice park just a few miles away, so this way I will push myself to spend more time outdoor. I fill two needs with one deed: I am going to have a more colorful blog and a healthier lifestyle.

One week after NYE all these are still looking managable, I am just waiting for the Sun to take some pictures!

Wish you happy crafting!

Dear Sunshine & Dear Colorful Nature, I miss you so much!


  1. Ow, you have big plans! Aren't you afraid to loose yourself? I mean, if I read your post you're a impulsive woman, nothing wrong with it when you're used te be like that and now you want to push yourself into a real managed straight life. I hope it will not block your creativity and overstress you're mind. But when it feels comfertable, you surely doing well. I'm looking forward to see all your new creations! You're plans are so auspicious!

  2. Monthly wreath sounds fun! I look forward to seeing what you come up with

  3. Congratulatiosn on this year's resolutions!!! If you start the year determined, I am sure you will succeed.
    In case you have too much yarn in your closet and are open for another resolution: join us in our challenge to downsize our yarn stash (at least that is a resolution I need to make this year!)
    Good luck with your goals...
    ♥ Ana BC

  4. Sound like some great goals foe the new year! I am looking forward to following along :)

  5. such a good start!!!
    xxx Ale

  6. Great resolutions! Number 3 sounds great :) Elisabeth xx

  7. Welcome to the Challenge, Hanni!!! Looking forward to seeing your projects...

  8. Welcome from me too, I love your blog by the way, looking forward to seeing your makes :)


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