Hermione hearts Ron hat

Before Christmas I was so busy with my crochet, knitting a sewing although I didn't plan too much handmade. I made the choco spoons for my cousin, knitted a hat for my husband and for an other cousin (baby Lili's mother), sewed two pillows for Juci and baby Lili and crocheted a purse for my sister-in-law. Plus almost each wrapping were decorated with crocheted snowflakes and made some garland too. It didn't seem to much at first, but I had to realize, that knitting a beanie on 3 mm needles is not a one-night adventure and although a snowflake is really quick to complete, but 30 of them is a nice crochet-along program. 
Time to share with you my creations. This post is dedicated to my cousin's beanie. The pattern is available for free on Ravelry. It is so delightful I had to make it. I owned the grey yarn from months, it was bought for a hat for myself, but Christmas changed my plans :)

This beanie was really a last-time project, I started to knit on 22th December and the blocking was ready on 25th December evening. I met with my cousin on 26th. 

The hat was inspired by Hermione's hat from Harry Potter. And I must tell, this beanie exactly looks like Hermione's hat!! So lovely! 
Do you like Harry Potter novels? I love them, I will never be enough grown up from fairy tales.... 

The designer of the pattern asks us to make an upside down photo. So I  asked husband to take a photo from me. I am a little bit scary on the picture:

But my favourite pictures are those where baby Lili is modeling. See how cute she is in this oversized hat:
The owl pillow she is playing with was my gift for her :)

Wish you happy crafting!


  1. So sweet! The hat and the cuties modeling it :)

  2. The baby makes me laugh! :-)
    The hat is very nice!
    I think your needles are much thinner now you have crocheted and knitted so much and so fast.

  3. It's a lovely hat and looks so cute on Lili :)

  4. This hat is so pretty. I love the yarn you picked!

  5. Such a lovely hat! I love everything about it: cables, some lacy details, and grey. It is perfect, in my book. I will save it in my "favorites" to make it one of these days. The baby is SO cute, and I think you look very cool in the up-side down pic ;-) a very creative idea.

  6. You are not scary upside-down!!!
    the beanie is so nice on Lili, too!!!
    xxxx Ale

  7. Gorgeous dear Hanni! Love the baby with the beanie :-)

  8. The hat is gorgeous and looks very cute on your little model, who is cute too of course.
    Thanks for leaving a message on my hat post.


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