WIP before Christmas

I am in the middle of Christmas rush. I wanted to complete everything until Thuesday, but it was hopeless, since I am working every day.  I see on the blogger community that these weeks are extremely busy for others too. My RSS reader is not that crowded like normally. 
Our Holiday won't be a handmade Christmas, there will be just one crocheted gift, the other ones will get bought presents. I tried to choose something for everyone, what they would like to have, but they wouldn't spend money on that thing. E.g. my grandpa will get the book My Family by Mary Beth Sammons, which is not actually a book, just a collection of questions, he need to answer. He had a very exciting life and I want to know everything what happened to him! This book is a great gift for all of us :)
But I must show my crafty side, so the gifts will be personalized with fancy wrapping. I made a bunch of crocheted snowflakes and other little things to decorate the packages:

Besides the crochet ornaments I am having two other WIPs: a hat for my husband and a crochet purse. I would like to complete the beanie this week. It won't be a suprise, because I can't do my craft projects hidden from him. The ribbing is done, now making the crown. I am not following any pattern, so fingers crossed, it is cold outside, it must fit!

I started to crochet coin purses, here is a sneak peek of my 'collection'. Two of them is finished, the third one still need the lining.

Have you finished everything for Christmas?

I can't wait to see your WIPs!

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  1. Wha, NO! I'm not finished and I'm very stressed. Even my Christmascards are not ready and I have to make 1 gift, what a stressful period.
    Your purses are so lovely again! I'm sure your husband will have a warm head when you have finished his beany. Good luck with all your busy things. And in case we will not "speak" eachother before Tuesday:
    Happy Christmas and a very beautyful new year!

  2. Very nice projects. The gifts will look lovely with the snowflakes. And I love the gift idea for your granfather. His memoir is gping to be such a treasure.

  3. I'm not doing handmade this year either, except a few candles. But I still don't have time to do beautiful wrapping, and I'm rubbish at it!!

    Love your purses, they're so pretty

  4. love your handmade projects!!!!
    xxx Ale

  5. I am still working on a bunch of crocheted projects. I thought I was almost done with them but then I realized I needed to make more. I have my hooks out every second I can!

  6. I love the gift you're giving your grandpa. I recently sat and asked my maternal grandfather all sorts of family and personal history questions. I recorded our conversations so I have them for reference and to transcribe someday. Good luck getting things finished in time for Christmas! I think we all need the luck we can get!

  7. I wanted this to be a home made Christmas but it's not working out that way. Not sure what I would have done for the guys really.
    I could have even gone into my 6 totes of things I have listed in my etsy shop and zibbet store that haven't sold and picked things from there to give.
    I am making crochet topped towels for all the women....and 3 of them I hope to finish up these plastic bag holders for.
    I was going to make homemade hot chocolate mix to go with mugs for the guys but instead just bought hot chocolate packets to put in the mugs.
    I feel nowhere ready yet for next Tuesday and our family get together, but I am getting there. I feel good about the amount that I have been able to put together for everyone, homemade or not.
    I use a lot of coupons and spend the year looking for good deals making things like the body washes, razors, and such super cheap. I was even able this year to get all the gals bath puffs free with coupons. In fact, each one had .13 overage after the coupons.


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