I started to crochet some garlands. I have already finished one for my mum, she was very happy about it. {My mum is a very creative lady, she doesn't crochet, she used to knit, but nowadays her main weapon is the glue gun. She makes beautiful decorations for the home.} 

I don't thread crochet, the thinest yarn I use is mercerized cotton and E hook for health reasons: I crochet mostly at nights and I would like to prevent my eyes  from getting worse. After works sometimes my eyes are just too tired to focus on thin objects... 

So I made these pretty snowflakes from Catania and simply blocked them (wet blocking): 

The bigger snowflake:
{It differs from the pattern a bit...}
The smaller one:

The patterns for the bigger and smaller snowflakes see here and hereBoth were super easy to follow! Addiction is guaranteed :) 

I used some of them for decorating my Christmas plate:

I completed a dozen of my simple crochet tree! With a few one we suprised our nieces, they placed their trees to the window. But I keep on making these cuties until I have green leftover yarns :)

Wish you merry Christmas crocheting!

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  1. What a good idea to put the snowflakes on a plate like a doily, it looks lovely!

  2. It looks adorable, Hanni! I can't use the small thread either, which is slightly aggravating. I might have to work on a couple of those trees!

  3. everything so xmassy and beautiful!!!
    xxx Ale

  4. These snowflakes are so cute! I love all your Christmas crochet projects :)

  5. Pretty snowflakes! In the picture where you have pinned those for blocking, they are looking as if you have added beads on the end points:)

  6. Your snowflakes are lovely! I also love your plate of amigurumi! I want to make some Christmas trees... hopefully I'll have time before Christmas

  7. these snowflakes are so beautiful and so delicate!


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