Handmade Christmas {free printables}

Christmas is that time of year, when I never have enough time. {But does anyone have??} I am busy mostly with my work, we are closing the year and need to finish everything and somehow extras always destroy my strict schedule. Most beautiful time of year is just the busiest time of year. 
I know, that for those who prepare handmade Christmas gifts the holiday season have already started in September or October. I think everything is about organizing, so we are just in time to complete everything until Christmas.
This year I am {still} having a very loose craft schedule, I didn't plan too much. Too much planning not enough action. So I minimalized the thinking and headed to crafting. I would like to share with you my method and some helpful printable sheet. 

Step 1. 

As the first step I wrote down my Christmas gift ideas. Maybe 40% of my presents will be handmade, I will craft mostly for the women in my family, the guys will get bought gifts. I would like to make some smaller crochet projects (scarves, hats) and sew some home decorations (tableclothes, pillows..).

Step 2. 

I thought over what materials and how many working hours are required for the gifts. Then fixed the list and looked around in my craft boxes what I already have and what I need to buy. I very often buy things that I already have in my stash... {I would like to be more frugal, otherwise I have to choose a cheaper hobby...}

Step 3. 

Then I made a few shopping lists to each stores, where I would buy the supplies. I prepared three lists to my three favourite local shops, but I am thinking to purchase everything from an online store: some webshops are offering free delivery and having great sales during this season. Plus I don't have to drive along the city to buy everything.

With these cards I wanted to give some tips to make your crafting schedule. 
Have you started crafting for Christmas? What are you crafting?

Wish you happy crafting!

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