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Winter arrived to Hungary, which means that hot chocolate and mulled wine season is here and Christmas is very close :) But it also means, that taking pictures from my projects is not easy or at least requires planning: I get home after the Sun goes down, otherwise the days are foggy and rainy, so catching some natural light is really difficult. So now picture editing programs are my best friends. 
Last week I was free from work! {Hurray!} And my husband was also free. {Hurray! again} So we could spend our time together. We had to do our winter shopping and buy some new clothes for the colder season and I brightened up with some yarn shopping.

I bought a few skeins of Barka Takaró. It is unfortunately not available outside of Hungary.
This yarn is specially made for blanket (It's name takaró means blanket in Hungarian.) Very soft  and warm: 50% acrylic and 50% merino.
I would like to make a pillowcase with these colors and if it pass on the test, I am going to crochet my very first afghan with this yarn.
{The pictures are not mine, click to the picture to see the original source.}

This is how they look together in my stash:

I bought one skein of Schachenmayr SMC Aventica in blue-green-purple color mix. Well, yes this is my yarn crush! I just love it! It has beautiful shades and so easy to work with.

{The picture is not mine, click to the picture to see the original source.}

 I started a hat with it and unraveled (it was too big), then I started again and unraveled again (I realized I don't like the pattern), then I choosed an other pattern and unraveled again (it was a lace ). Now I am working on the third version, this one I won't unravel (I mean I hope so), but this yarn is still the same beautiful just when I started to knit with it. Love it!
Now I am working on this hat. I knit it for my teenage niece. She loves purple and wants a warm and cozy winter cap. So cute pattern.

There is a third yarn, it is Steinbach wolle Ahoi, choosed for a cowl for my 3 yo niece, Juci.

And finally here is my treasure: ONLine Linie 175 Saphir No. 04. A sparkling yarn for my new knitted lace beanie. Wow, I can't wait to start it. Unfortunately my picture doesn't show how beautiful this yarn is!

I am linking to these fabulous parties and can't wait to see your WIPs:


  1. Shopping for yarn & planning new projects is so much fun!

  2. Buying yarn and planning for projects is what I am best at! :P

    New follower on GFC!
    Love from Portugal

  3. Hú, de szépek ezek így együtt. Én is szemeztem már a barka-takaró fonalakkal, de annyi feldolgozni, befejezni valóm van még...


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