In the past few weeks I had a little break with my blog. It wasn't just because of the bloggy crush, actually I have already fixed just the patterns and my most visited posts. The crush was just the point that showed me, that was time to decide what to do with my blog.
From a while I felt, that blogging required too much time from me. I have a full time job and I pushed lot of energy into my career. This was the starting point of my blog my story too: I wanted to overcame the everyday stress and wanted to find a real 'me' place, where I can escape and be just alone, enjoy my free time. But now I had to think over why I started blogging and what I would like to do with my blog.
I don't want to be a professional blogger/crafter. As you can see, there are no ads here, just a SA affiliate, because they sponsored a very generous giveaway and some of my blogger friends's buttons. I am not making money from blogging. I started an Etsy shop to sell my finished objects. I don't mind, that I am not having hundreds of sold items, because my goal was to find buyers for my already finished items to extend my craft budget. Since then I opened a shop on Ravelry just for my patterns. Now I am more satisfied with Rav.

So this blog is basically not a business oriented activity.

But I earned a lot from blogging:
  • new friends
  • positivity & confidence (hey, I am not a native speaker but with more than 137,500 pagewievs there was just one mean comment about my broken English)
  • insirations
  • a better (English) language skills
  • a virtual insight into lifestyle, thoughts and everydays in other parts of the world  

I was seriously thinking to stop it, quit, don't look back and live my everydays. Although I had more me time for husband and friends, I crafted more and somehow I could even happily spend 24 hours without computer, blogging missed me terribly. When I was thinking about my blog, I felt like I would leave my love: don't want to think about it, because it hurted, but living surrounded by my projects made me remember to good old times.
I realized that I have to save the balance in my life: everything has to be in it's place: my family, friends, work and my hobby.

I don't quit from blogging. I am crafting and I will blog about it.
I closed my FB page, twitter account and g+.  (I don't miss any of them.)
I am still reading my favourite blogs and I will organize my rss reader to focus on most beloved ones. 
In the past few weeks I crocheted and knitted a lot. Occassionally I will write WIP posts, I will share my patterns, but I won't post twice in a week and I will link to my fav linky parties. 
So I am sure that I won't be that regular blogger, but I am still creating and I will write about it when I have time to it.
I am anchored here :)


  1. Glad you are sticking with your blog! I enjoy your posts and patterns. I understand having to balance a real job and a blog too. Sometimes it's hard but I really love the blogging community and all the ladies that share my interests. Plus I love to show my projects off to my family and friends :)

  2. It's always hard to find that happy medium with blogging. Hopefully you will have found it in your life. By the way, I never even noticed you weren't a native English speaker!

  3. The blog has to give you good feelings, it's not a must. And I can insure you that the real fans of your blog (like me) stay here and wait patiently for you to post new items.

  4. You are a wise blogger!!! I think that is important to find a good balance between all the things you love in your life!!! I think that you've just found the way!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  5. I am pleased you're sticking around, and it doesn't matter how often you post, we'll still be here! I think it's good that you don't use your blog as a business, they're always my least favourite blogs. I can't believe someone left a mean comment about your English! How dare they! I assume they are fluent in several other languages to have said that... Your English is great and I understand everything you say, so there!


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