Something really bad happened to my blog. All my pictures were deleted, restoring everything will last for a couple day.

Autumn Love

I am in autumn mood from weeks and finally the fall wheather has arrived to my country. I celebrate it with a self-made printable.
I wanted to collect those things, which I really love in this season: 

walking in the forest picking leaves, acorns and cones 
or being at home and enjoy calm rain with a home-made pie and hot chocolate 
or go out with my friends and taste some wine or apple cider in a fall festival. 

I could keep on telling things I adore in these month...

Wish you all a merry Autumn!

P.s. This wordart is created by me. Feel free to pin it, print it, share it :)

Crochet trend

I don't like too much hippy style and I don't like showing too much skin. And don't like when I say crochet clothes, people think to sexy lace dresses or gandma's cardigans. But I do adore patterns, colorful tights and socks, high heels, modest cuts and crocheted details.

Zuzanna Bijoch

So I love Anna Sui's Fall Collection,
lot of patterns, playful variations of different patterns
and all these in a modest cut
with CROCHETED pieces!

Chrystal Copland

 Crocheter girls rock! 

Roberta Narcisco

{Image Credit}

Thank you Anna! We love you! 

Slouchy Autumn Beret

I can't believe time flies so fast, we are in the middle of September and I published just one single post in this month. These weeks are so busy at work and in my family life too. And I must tell, that also in crochet. I push lot of energy into writing patterns, two of them are already available. I wrote some simple free patterns, but at night I can't take good photos, so they are still waiting.
I have already showed you my pumpkin basket, now I would like to share my slouchy autumn beret.

This is a very easy pattern. Really! Okay, it is not for beginner, but once you can do ch, sc, hdc, dc, sl st and increasing-decreasing with these stitches, you already have every technical skills to make it!

Look at my beautiful niece, this hat is so gorgeous on her! And not just because she is cute, but this fits to her personal style!

You can purchase the pattern from my Ravelry store.
There was no WIP post in this week, so please take a quick look into my stash! I bought this exciting yarn on Monday. It is Schachenmayr SMC Argentina with beautiful fall colours. I can't wait to make a new scarf!

Almost Wordless Wendsday

It is almost wordless, because these days my work prevents me from crafting, september is always very busy for me. That's why I am not linking my posts to too many linky parties, I just don't have time to answer every comment and visit back and I don't want to be a no-reply blogger.

Recently I am working on a super bulky hat. It is just 54 stitches around! I have never made a hat with that little number of stitches. I prefer DK yarn and E-F-G hooks, and although I bought this hook collection month ago, I have never used the big ones. So it was the right time to test the 7.00 mm (>K) hook!

I am having a super secret project too. It is a knitting WIP and you have to wait until the next week! I have two reasons to be excited about it:
Reason #1: this is a quick and easy project, and I dedicate the free pattern to you, 
Reason #2: I still can't tell you :)

Wendsday is one of the most exciting crafting day, I can see your WIPs and find new knitter and crocheter friends. So I am still linking and visiting my friends on these parties: