WIP before vacation

From almost a week I am on holiday. Of course I am crocheting and knitting while I am at home. On Saturday we travel away, we will spend a week by the Adriatic sea. It is so close to us and popular vacation place, but I have never been to Croatia! 

I am still hestitating, if I take yarn or not.  I know that, if I don't bring anything, I will terribly miss it, but on the other side vacation is vacation: need to quit from my daily routine... I guess, I will decide the question 5 minutes before leaving the house.

I have three little purses in WIP. Two of them is waiting to get the lining, the third one is waiting to finish to crochet. I am planning, that each will be lined a fastened differently. I am really in love with twisted patterns, they are modern and just one of a kind. There is no higher appreciation, when somebody says: 'Oh, I can not believe, you really make this! How did you do?'  I am just twirling my hook and trying to find out how could I twist in a more particular way.

Remember this fluffy night purse? I have knitted her younger sister to my shop!

I am having an other hat in progress too! The color of this yarn is so lovely. Yesterday I was windowshopping in my favourite boutiques and I realized that shabby shades will be trendy in the next season! Than I visited my yarn shop, where I found this skein and I had to try it right away! You know this feeling, when you break your running project, about what you are very excited too, just because you are more excited about a newbie... Well, that's why I don't make big crochet projects. To finish a shawl, a hat or a purse takes just a few hours, but a blanket... (Otherwise I am planning to make a granny afghan, but I am afraid I couldn't finish it...)

I can't wait to visit my favourite WIP parties to see what you are working on!


  1. I love that dusty pink colour you're making the hat with! I went to my yarn shop today and got some new colours to start working on. I also love the crochet patters of your bags. Very unique!

    On holiday, a couple balls of yarn can't hurt... or you could find a yarn shop while you're there!

  2. Cute bag and sunglasses. Love the dusty pink too. Pink is my favorite color! I have knitting with me at all times. You never know when you get the urge :)

  3. bring the yarn with you, you never know....a rainy day could ever happen!!! ;-D
    i like your new purses!!!
    xxx Alessandra

  4. Croatia is wonderful, are you going to Dubruvnik or Split? Or maybe one of the islands?

    I love the pattern on those 3 purses, so unusual!

  5. Have a great vacation!
    No crafting while away?

  6. have a lovely holiday and i vote for taking your needles and wool!

  7. All of your projects all so lovely. Yes, I noticed that too about shabby chic being a trend. You chose the perfect color to make the hat. :)

  8. I love those stitch patterns too! Have a wonderful trip :)


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