Mid-August WIP

I can't believe, that August is almost over. When I was thinking about the title of this post, I wanted to write 'Begenning of August', but I realized, that we are just in the middle! But I don't mind at all, although I love Summer and basicly all seasons, definitely I am an Autumn-person.

I am so 'in-hats' right now. The beret I showed you a few weeks before is under testing. 
I am in the middle of other hat projects too. The shabby rosie beanie is almost ready, waiting to test. (If you are interested in, please send me a mail hanidgn [at] gmail [dot] com.)

Right now I am crocheting the cable beanie. Very simple and chick. I am thinking to design more versions! There are endless combination in my mind.

I have also some smaller projects in my stash just to keep my fingers busy. I haven't decided what to do with them, maybe a baby mobile. I enjoy these 20-min works.

I haven't showed you my finished objects recently nor new patterns, so on Friday is coming a FO Friday post and next week a new pattern. 

And now the big announcement! I would like to tell you, that I am having a giveaway now. I mean I am g i v i n g  a w a y ! This is a big step for me. Super exciting!

So if you would like to win a $ 25 shopping card to my little etsy shop, go to Sarah's blog and join! It is opened worldwide!

I can't wait to visit my favourite WIP parties to see what you are working on!


  1. Hello Hanni,
    Every single hat looks adorable! Very pretty, you did a good job! :)

  2. O no! I don't want to think about hats and cold wether right now! But they are very pretty, all of them!

  3. The Shabby Rosie Beanie is gorgeous! I can't wait for fall myself.

  4. Your hats are lovely! What is your time frame for the shabby rose? I'd be happy to test it for you.

  5. really like the cable beanie!!!
    xxx Alessandra

  6. Love love love that crochet hat, but I just CANNOT get my fingers around crochet, it's so frustrating! It looks like it would make a dear wee pattern for a baby hat (but I have babies on the brain!)

  7. Swoon, love the happy bright are so talented!

  8. I especially like the beanies. Very cute!


  9. I see lots of cute stitches in those hats.

  10. Your hats are just lovely! Is that a bunny I see in the potential mobile.

  11. your hats are all lovely! I've only ever made one decent hat. I am so impatient for autumn! I want to buy all sorts of autumn colours, but shouldn't get too carried away or my purse will suffer!

  12. I'm looking forward to your Autumn too - that means our Summer is closer. Finally!
    But I do love your hats, Hanni. You're very talented for patterns. I'm a beret girl, mostly because the beanies don't do justice to my profile (if you know what I mean :D)

  13. All the hats are beautiful! I love autum too, and i am making hats as well. ;-)

  14. Those beanies are beautiful! If I could crochet, I'd definitely add it to my queue!


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