Yay, it's 4th of July!!

My dear U.S. readers I wish you happy 4th of July!  This is my day too, because today is my birthday

I am turning 28! What a sweet number! I love my birthday and I would love to have a real 'me' day in every year! So today I am free from work. I woke up early in the moring and after my husband leave from home I go back to the bad to drink my morning coffee while watching some TV. Later maybe I will take a little walk, if there isn't 100 degree outside. I would love to check the new arrivals in my favourite fabric store. Otherwise I spend my time with cooking, my favourite TV series and with some crochet in my hands till husband comes home. 
I have a pretty cool year behind my back. During the last year:
- I have married. We spent a beautiful honeymoon in Venice and Bologna and  I am feeling that our honeymoon hasn't ended yet.
- I tryed to do my bests at work. There was so big changes, everything has turned a little bit upside down around me and I got to be more tolerant with changes. I feel it is great!
- I started to blog about my crafts. It was a great way to complete my life and try something new. I am just that kind of person who requires variability in her life to stay sane. 
Your supportive feedbacks gave me confidence and I am so thankful for you! 

But also bad things happened:

- I have lost my dog, Afina who was my dearest friend for 11 years... I still miss her so badly. I am still thinking to her every day and when I see her empty house in my parent's garden and the carpet where she was lying all day and that dirty wall, where she was leaning on, it just makes me cry.

I made some plans for my next year:

- I would love to strenghten my homemaker skills: being more organized, having our meals planned.
- Redecorate our bedroom. Our bedroom is crying for a change!
- I would love to make a Ph.D. in my profession (okay, it is not a 1-year plan actually).
- Also in blogging I would love to be more planned and somehow simplify my activity.

I am starting something new in this year:

I have mentioned before that I wanted to open my shop. Well, today is the big day! What other date would be better than my birthday? So I have opened a modest little shop on Etsy. There will be crocheted and sewn goodies for you, so if you are interested in something I have made before just contact with me. 
I have listed a few crocheted rings in different colors. During the next days I will add some bags: crocheted and sewn ones as well.  

There is coming a free pattern for the crocheted rings soon!

Wish you all a happy day!

Please visit my shop and take a look around!


  1. Happy birthday Hanni! I hope this life-year is as beautyful as last year for you! 28... nice age ;-)
    My youngest son has his birthday too today, he became 17.
    Also congratiulations with your webshop, I wish you good business there. You make very pretty things, so I think you will sell very well; good luck with it!

  2. well, happy birthday..that makes yu a real yankee doodle dandy!

    congrats on getting a shop together..will take a peek..


  3. Happy Birthday & 4th of July! I would love to see 28 again. Sorry about your dog. He looked like a gentle giant.

  4. Happy Birthday! What a full year you've had! I definitely think Italy was a lovely trip, but then again I'm biased! i'm sorry to hear about your dog though! It's hard... I still miss my dogs who passed away when I was 17!

    Congratulations on your etsy shop!

  5. Happy Birthday Hanni! And congrats on the shop (and your blog) which is looking fantastic by the way!)

  6. Happy Birthday Hanni! Congrats on opening your shop :)

  7. Happy Birthday, Hanni! I visited your new shop ~ sweet!

  8. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a fabulous day of crafting or relaxing which every you chose! I hope the year ahead is just as great!
    Sew incredibly CrAzy

  9. It's not too late to wish you all the best for your birthday, Hanni, is it?
    Although I'm a little late, I do wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart!
    Congratulations - you have achieved so much already!
    Your rings look grat and I wish you lots of success on Etsy and with all your future plans.

  10. Hope you had a wonderful birthday !!
    jennie. x

  11. Belated happy birthday ! And all the best for your new etsy shop


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