Fold it over

I has been so long since I showed any bag on the blog, although I have some... Currently I am in love with clutches.

Hey, because it is a small bag in your bag!! How many other bags do you have in your handbag? I have a wallet, a cosmetic purse, a shopping bag and a clutch in my handbag. Does my cell case count? I like when my neccessities are organized, otherwise I can't find anything... Okay, it is never easy to find my keys...
 I made a few fold over clutches. They are available in my shop.

This purple was one of the first I made. It has no decoration except that huge button. 

About a month ago I found a really nice fabric in my fav store. It is actually made from cotton, so it is perfectly mashine washable, but looks like linen.

These two bags are decorated in different ways. The crocheted edges has been made from mercerized cotton yarn.

On Saturday I guest posted on Roanna's blog with the pattern of the crocheted edges and the button. Visit her to get the instructions!

 To this baby I sewed a doily and used a Tokaji wine cork as a button! Do you know Tokaji? It is a world-famous hungarian wine bland. To learn more about it read The NY Times' article about a wine tour in Tokaj! (And yes, the Aszu is truly the most delicious wine in the world. Just imagine a wine for that each grape berries are picked individually in November and it's color like Topaz.) 
Have I already told you that I am a huge fun of sweet wine (and chocolate)?

I love my clutches' size. They are perfect for the necessities: cosmetics, jewellery, your daily fruit or chocolate dosis to the office. But I put there yarns :) Enough roomie to store two skeins or your running project... if it is not a blanket...

I hope you liked my clutches!


  1. These fold over clutches are so stylish... they are the perfect dress up or casual accessory. My bag is full of bags to keep things separate! It's the only way I can find things too!

  2. They are absolutely gorgeous. I love the fabric and style.

  3. These are beautiful, Hanni! Love them!

  4. They're gorgeous! Well done :-)

  5. VERY Nice! I really like these pretty bags!

  6. your clutches are cute! i'm sure by now you've got one in any color and for any occasion, right?

  7. I LOVE that purple fold over clutch! The big button and inside pattern are perfect!

  8. The bags look great!


  9. I just love these, Hanni! Beautiful job! Thanks for linking up at Hookin On Hump Day!

  10. i tried to visit her blog but could not get through


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