Fold it over

I has been so long since I showed any bag on the blog, although I have some... Currently I am in love with clutches.

Hey, because it is a small bag in your bag!! How many other bags do you have in your handbag? I have a wallet, a cosmetic purse, a shopping bag and a clutch in my handbag. Does my cell case count? I like when my neccessities are organized, otherwise I can't find anything... Okay, it is never easy to find my keys...
 I made a few fold over clutches. They are available in my shop.

This purple was one of the first I made. It has no decoration except that huge button. 

About a month ago I found a really nice fabric in my fav store. It is actually made from cotton, so it is perfectly mashine washable, but looks like linen.

These two bags are decorated in different ways. The crocheted edges has been made from mercerized cotton yarn.

On Saturday I guest posted on Roanna's blog with the pattern of the crocheted edges and the button. Visit her to get the instructions!

 To this baby I sewed a doily and used a Tokaji wine cork as a button! Do you know Tokaji? It is a world-famous hungarian wine bland. To learn more about it read The NY Times' article about a wine tour in Tokaj! (And yes, the Aszu is truly the most delicious wine in the world. Just imagine a wine for that each grape berries are picked individually in November and it's color like Topaz.) 
Have I already told you that I am a huge fun of sweet wine (and chocolate)?

I love my clutches' size. They are perfect for the necessities: cosmetics, jewellery, your daily fruit or chocolate dosis to the office. But I put there yarns :) Enough roomie to store two skeins or your running project... if it is not a blanket...

I hope you liked my clutches!

Bloggy love: La Valigia di Roanna

This weekend I would love to introduce you Roanna from La Valigia di Roanna. Roanna is an american lady living in the amazing Italy. In her bilingual blog you can read about crocheting, parenting and other things, all is flavored with italian spirit. I felt in love with that spirit, when I read her blog at the first time. 

La Valigia di Roanna

Thank you very much, Hanni, for inviting me to be a guest blogger! My name is Roanna of La Valigia di Roanna (Roanna’s suitcase). My blog has changed greatly from when I started it on a whim in January 2011. It began with my creatively embarrassing adventures in fashion, followed me through my pregnancy and now is simply a little place where I share pieces of my life and family and my crochet and knitting projects, something that I’m giving more and more space to.

Although I’ve been crocheting for many years, I only learned to knit about 3 years ago. I wanted to share “lo scaldone” with you. It's an accordion-shaped shoulder warmer. My mother-in-law invented it and it was my first knitting project. It’s also a one size fits all style (as you can see, I wore it while I was pregnant to compliment my belly) and I love the fact you can combine knitting with crochet.

Depending on the weight of your yarn and size of your knitting needles, all you have to do is cast on about 180 stitches or so and do a straight 2 by 2 rib until you feel it’s long enough to cast off, fold in half and sew or crochet the seems together leaving arm holes. Then you find a favourite (or if you’re like me, you go by trial and error) crochet stitch and add on around the openings to make a decorative collar, back and sleeves. My sleeves billow out quite a bit, but I quite liked the effect paired with the collar.

If you decide to make one of these, I’d love to see it! Happy Crocheting and Knitting everyone!

You can find me at:

RRS Feed:

Thank you Roanna for this fantastic cardigan! It is such a fantastic first knitting project!
If you would love to learn more avout Roanna, visit her blog and show her some love!
Wish you all a happy weekend!

WIP Minions & so

Who is not amazed by Minions? They are the adorable little 'somethings' from Despicable me! Well, if you haven't watched the movie already, I highly recommend you. It is a simple story about three little orphan girls and an evil, but inside lovely ugly thief, who is a strickt boss to this funny creatures. 

A few months ago I pinned this lovely crochet project for the Minions to my Pinterest board and when my Husband saw it, he immediately started asking me to make him one. Last week I was browsing on Etsy and found these patterns for not one, but two Minions! What a great deal! So I purchased it. 
Although I planned that I would make it on my holiday, I just couldn't wait and started crocheting on the weekend. I have almost done with the one-eye cutie, just need to sew the parts together. The pattern was easy to understand and easy to follow with lot of step-to-step pictures. Perfectly written!

I am working on two little clutches, I add them to my shop soon. And a pattern for the crocheted parts is coming soon !!

I am having an other running hat project too. (Sorry, I don't have pictures from that.) The red one, which I showed you last week is already done, just waiting to wtrite the pattern down.

I would like to ask fellow crocheters to test me, so if you are interested to test a simple beret pattern, please contact with me! (skills: chain, sc, dc, hdc)

Wish you happy crocheting and knitting!

Bloggy Love: Projects Around the House

This  weekend I would like to introduce you Christine's blog: Projects Around the House. Christine is a multi talented blogger, she is crocheting, sewing, cooking, gardening, making jewelleries, decorating her home and more. I am following her from months, her blog is exciting with lot of projects, tips and useful informations for bloggers and DIYers.

{See all her projects here.} 
And the best is, that she is sharing her tutorials!!

One of my favourites is this Diaper Cake Tutorial:

Diaper Cake Tutorial

She is sharing the pattern of this lovely hat. It is just 12 rows, you can make it in no time!

This cute bear hat is for babies, but she gives instructions to crochet it in bigger sizes.

If you want a yummie gift, check this fabulous idea of chocolate covered bottles

She is having a series on blog decorating, if you want to get some tips on how to edit your header, social buttons, costumize your background or how to make a costum Facebook cover, check her blog.

Follow her blog or on social sites:

Mid-July WIP

It's been a while since I posted a WIP post. This Wendsday seems perfect to show you what I am working on. Lately I have been too busy with opening of my Etsy shop. Telling the truth there are still two bags waiting to list: the pictures are edited but the descriptions... And I am a little bit in holiday mood: from July 30th till August 13th I will be free from work and from August 4th we will spend our summer holiday in Istria (Croatia). I am so excited. Otherwise I can't belive, that we are in the middle of July! Just one and a half month has been left from the Summer! 

I have just found this book in our home library: we have a nice collection with over 1500+ volume. Mostly about history and arts. I am crazy for yarn shopping, my husband is crazy for books. And I don't mind it at all :) This holds the balance. 
So the book has written by a croatian author, Fredrag Matvejevic. This book is the Hungarian translation of his bestseller Mediterranean Breviary: A Cultural Landscape. An exciting work about cultures and history mixed in a readable novel. Honestly this is the first novel I have ever read from a Croatian author. I was jus hunting for something in the bookshelves, which helps me to get into holiday mood. If you would love to feel yourself as a timetraveller in the Mediterranean region throughout ages and cultures, I highly recommend you this book. 

As a new shop owner I am working on developing my shop: I have a few new bag designs on my head. These miscellanies are ingredients for those projects.
Look at this stunning silver/grey yarn! What a marvelous shade! It is Schachenmayr Catania Nomotta No. 172 Light Grey. A mercerized cotton yarn with high quality. 

I also started to prepare for the colder seasons. Have you already taken a look at my Little Red Riding Hood Beret? (It is a free pattern.) I crocheted again a beret with that variagated yarn! When I finish it, I will show it from closer :)

I am linking this post to these fabulous parties!

Wish you happy summertime! 

Bloggy love: Susan at Crochet Addicts

I am starting a new series about my bloggy love, where I would love to introduce you my inspirational blogger friends.
My first guest is Susan from Crochet Addicts. Her blog is a truly lovely blog for crocheters. On her linky parties you can share WIP projects, finished objects, newest patterns and current giveaways . On Sundays you can meet there fellow crocheters and DIYers from all over the blog world. This week there is a great scarfish tutorial from Maya
See Susan's amazing hat patterns here. Which one is your favourite? I love the chicken and the Minnie Mouse one!

I would like to say a big thank you to Hanni
for inviting me to be a Guest Blogger!
I’m Susan from
SusanD1408 Crochet Addict
I have a crochet business where I sell crochet patterns & handmade items as well as a blog where I share my ups and downs of life.

I mostly focus on animal themed items.
I love the way each item makes someone smile.
I started to crochet as I suffer from CFS & Peripheral Neuropathy.
I was losing the sensation in my hands and getting pins and needles regularly.
I read on the internet that knitting or crocheting could help.
I have always struggled with knitting so I decided to give crocheting a go.
I went on You Tube and followed a recording of how to make a teddy bear.

This is my first little teddy bear made for my 5 yr old son Little Red.
My son is a big inspiration and a huge critic. I know when I show him my latest project he will tell me exactly what he thinks about it.
After making the teddy bear I dappled a bit until I found my thing.
My son saw a dinosaur hat on the internet and asked if I could make him one.

He wore it to school and showed it off to all his friends.
I then started to get requests from other parents and as they say the rest is history.
He still has lots of requests and helps me with a lot of my ideas.

When I first started to crochet I felt quite isolated, as apart from my mum, I don’t know anyone else that crochets.
I decided to set-up a Facebook group (crochet addict) and start making friends with the same interests.
We now have over 7,500 members and growing all the time.
From people posting in the group I found out about the blogging world and decided to join.
My blog has transformed greatly since I first started and I am always learning new
things that will hopefully keep my readers interested.
On offer I have free patterns:

(This is my free yarn & project bag pattern)

I also offer opportunities for pattern testers

As well as selling my patterns

I am very open to requests and ideas.
If there is an animal\character design you would love to see
Just email me and I’ll see what I can do
Susand1408 at gmail dot com
You can find me at:
I hope you will come over and visit my site.
Thank you ever so much Hanni 
for having me!

Thank you for your post Susan! 

Next week I would like to introduce you Christine from Projects Around the House

Wish you a nice weekend!

Crocheted rings {how-to}

Lately I have been quite busy with my shop. After I was spending a long time with crafting and receiving postitive feedbacks, I decided to open a shop on Etsy. Now I am trying to figure out how to make my little shop more popular and what items would be interesting for my future costumers. My business will be specialized in crocheted and sewn goodies, I listed a few ready to ship bags and crocheted rings into my first collection.
Now I would like to share a little tutorial for the rings {because I don't want to stop sharing my projects :)}. 

But at first if you would like to recommend you one of my favourite blogger, Donata for more inspirations. She has also made a few rings lately and shares a great tutorial for this cute one:

Visit her blog to see more variations! 
{click on the picture}

I made the rings with different crochet threads and yarns. I was working with thicker and thinner threads too, so instead of writting a crochet pattern, I took a photo strip. 

I simply used a wooden half ball, what I crocheted around with simple crochet stitches. It is 3 cm wide and 2 cm tall and isn't heavy at all, so it is comfortable to wear.

If you would like to have one for yourself, but don't want to make, you can buy these colorful ones in my etsy shop.

Wish you happy crocheting! 

Yay, it's 4th of July!!

My dear U.S. readers I wish you happy 4th of July!  This is my day too, because today is my birthday

I am turning 28! What a sweet number! I love my birthday and I would love to have a real 'me' day in every year! So today I am free from work. I woke up early in the moring and after my husband leave from home I go back to the bad to drink my morning coffee while watching some TV. Later maybe I will take a little walk, if there isn't 100 degree outside. I would love to check the new arrivals in my favourite fabric store. Otherwise I spend my time with cooking, my favourite TV series and with some crochet in my hands till husband comes home. 
I have a pretty cool year behind my back. During the last year:
- I have married. We spent a beautiful honeymoon in Venice and Bologna and  I am feeling that our honeymoon hasn't ended yet.
- I tryed to do my bests at work. There was so big changes, everything has turned a little bit upside down around me and I got to be more tolerant with changes. I feel it is great!
- I started to blog about my crafts. It was a great way to complete my life and try something new. I am just that kind of person who requires variability in her life to stay sane. 
Your supportive feedbacks gave me confidence and I am so thankful for you! 

But also bad things happened:

- I have lost my dog, Afina who was my dearest friend for 11 years... I still miss her so badly. I am still thinking to her every day and when I see her empty house in my parent's garden and the carpet where she was lying all day and that dirty wall, where she was leaning on, it just makes me cry.

I made some plans for my next year:

- I would love to strenghten my homemaker skills: being more organized, having our meals planned.
- Redecorate our bedroom. Our bedroom is crying for a change!
- I would love to make a Ph.D. in my profession (okay, it is not a 1-year plan actually).
- Also in blogging I would love to be more planned and somehow simplify my activity.

I am starting something new in this year:

I have mentioned before that I wanted to open my shop. Well, today is the big day! What other date would be better than my birthday? So I have opened a modest little shop on Etsy. There will be crocheted and sewn goodies for you, so if you are interested in something I have made before just contact with me. 
I have listed a few crocheted rings in different colors. During the next days I will add some bags: crocheted and sewn ones as well.  

There is coming a free pattern for the crocheted rings soon!

Wish you all a happy day!

Please visit my shop and take a look around!

For your dining table

For us the dinner is the most important time of the day, when we finally can sit down together. Honestly during the week we have simple meals, which require just 20-30 minutes to make, because I don't have too much time for cooking. It can be a quick fresh sandwitch, ham & eggs, a salat, it doesn't matter, just be easy to prepare, tasty and healthy.
Sometimes I cook a fancy supper for my husband with first course, main dish and deserts and then I love to decorate the dining table also. Buying supplies for my kitchen is definitely my weakness. But who's not? I was browsing for inspirations, because I would love to refresh our table a little bit. Here are my favourite picks.

Aren't these pastel colors just lovely? These pleated lanterns just add the wow factor to this pure interior. Get the tutorial HERE.

This idea could be a lovely detail in a rustic themed party.
(I am sorry about there was no original source for this picture.)

Source: via Hanni on Pinterest

What about a matching simple table runner? And you know what is the most fantastic in this runner? It is so easy to make!
Source: via Hanni on Pinterest

This set of coasters is not a free pattern, but I took onto my to-do list right away when I saw it. It would be such a nice decoration in my kitchen!

There are no Summer without eating out. We love chilling on the balcony or having a BBQ with our family and friends. This glamorous place holder could function as centerpieces in any garden party.

A few month before I have crocheted these coasters, now I would love to make a few in other colors. Maybe some yellow and orange, those ones would look great on my table. I just imagine a huge bottle of fresh lemonade, chocolate muffins and some sweet peach in my fruit basket...  yummie!