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It has been so long since I have posted a roundup on my blog.

{See my collection of crocheted and knitted bags for the Spring and my round up of non-knitted jarn crafts.}

This time I would love to share a few crafty jokes with you. It is summer, don't have to be that serious! So crafter girls let's see the funny truth about us!

This guy could be even my husband, but my sweetie doesn't complain about the mess ! {and I appreciate it}

He knows that I am really committed to my hobby. If I would love tattoos I would definitely had scissors tattoo on my arms. At least there would be a scissors always by hand since I always lose it... 

My husband is just like this guy, he understand that crafting is just the part of my life and he doesn't get angry neither when I forget about his lunch...

It doesn't matter how tolerated is he with my hobby, he still doesn't know the difference between knitting and crocheting! But this is okay for me as long as I don't know more about his hobby than he knows about mine.

Source: Uploaded by user via Hanni on Pinterest

I have a dream... When we are shopping in the town and I would love to check the new arrivals in my favourite craft store he is just that enthusiasistic like me. Daydreaming is legal, isn't it? 

Wish you a happy crafty weekend!


  1. That was so funny! In Italy we're having a heatwave and I'm on a pause from crocheting and knitting, which I'm not so happy about... but I have taken out my sewing machine for tomorrow!

  2. That all made me laugh but that first one is awesome!

  3. Great jokes! LOL! You have a wonderful weekend too!

  4. That made me laugh so much! Love my hubby lots but I don't think he knows the difference between knitting and crochet!

  5. Very funny! My boyfriend is very supportive even if he thinks crochet and knitting is the same ;) lol
    Yesteday, France was playing ( and lost the game... Once again), this evening, England is playing Italy so this week end is a football one ;)

  6. I love those pictures I stop and look every time I come across them. I Love my imaginary husband. Thanks for sharing them.
    Rose @

  7. That's hilarious :))) You had me at the difference between knitting and crocheting!

  8. I love Ryan... he's so thoughtful! :D


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