Thank you cards

In the past days I have made lot of Thank you cards. I began thinking about new design elements for my blog and for my future Etsy shop. I love my cute button and my header as well as the fonts I use and I don't want a big change, but a little rewamp would make it more friendly. After my previous printables {see my blog planners here} I have received so lovely comments, so I wondered it would be great to share these new graphic designs. 

Please feel free to print and use them! They can be a nice suprise for someone around you or it can be a card for your costumer. {This time I haven't made a pdf file, so you can download them just with clicking to the picture.}

I picked on some samples in pastel colors. 

Currently I am in love with blue, especially with its light shades. I think blue and pink together are just the perfect  match. These followings are six variations on the blue/pink theme.

I think with a simple text or decoration also red can be modest.

I hope you liked my cards!

Just for laugh

It has been so long since I have posted a roundup on my blog.

{See my collection of crocheted and knitted bags for the Spring and my round up of non-knitted jarn crafts.}

This time I would love to share a few crafty jokes with you. It is summer, don't have to be that serious! So crafter girls let's see the funny truth about us!

This guy could be even my husband, but my sweetie doesn't complain about the mess ! {and I appreciate it}

He knows that I am really committed to my hobby. If I would love tattoos I would definitely had scissors tattoo on my arms. At least there would be a scissors always by hand since I always lose it... 

My husband is just like this guy, he understand that crafting is just the part of my life and he doesn't get angry neither when I forget about his lunch...

It doesn't matter how tolerated is he with my hobby, he still doesn't know the difference between knitting and crocheting! But this is okay for me as long as I don't know more about his hobby than he knows about mine.

Source: Uploaded by user via Hanni on Pinterest

I have a dream... When we are shopping in the town and I would love to check the new arrivals in my favourite craft store he is just that enthusiasistic like me. Daydreaming is legal, isn't it? 

Wish you a happy crafty weekend!

Summer stripe handbag

This is my first scheduled posts and I am really excited about it. From Monday till Wensday I am attending on a conference and I would like to focus on those stuffs and meeting with new people, so I am not bringing my notebook. Woohoo! It is a real challange for me... being without computer for 3 days!! {Meanwhile the conference is partly about digitizing and buliding databases! What a paradox!} 
There will be just my smart phone for checking emails and first of all to be in contact with my husband.

I would like to show you my newest bag. I am working on several sewing and crocheting projects for my future shop. This one has been made for selling but I loved that much that I had to keep it for myself... no business sense, hahh...
It has a really lovely material: a partly water-resistant and a little bit shiny fabric with powder pink, khaki, white and black stripes. I found it fabulous for the summer!

I really love making pleats, but with this fabric it was a little bit more difficult because it had to fit perfectly by the stripes. 

Here is the buttom of the handbag:

It required a big attention to have this straight shape. I think I have checked the fixing before sewing at least a hundred times on every single side!

I sewed two inside pockets for phone and smaller stuffs.

See how comfortable is that bigger pocket for my small things!

It closes with a magnetic clasp:

I hope you like my bag! Wish you beautiful days!

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This blog is about my passion for sewing, crocheting a making other crafty things. Currently I am having almost 92 000 pagewievs. I think my blog is quite small, but a growing smallness :) I am trying to organize my blogging activity and find my readers, I am working hard on creating unique projects, writing intersting posts, promoting myself and making further free patterns for my readers (and I am not planning to sell my patterns). My freebies increase me lot of pagewievs and new subscribers.  

If you would like me to post a giveaway or  write a guest post on hannicraft, you are welcomed! 
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Blog planners


I think blogging is about learning. When I started to write my crafty journal I didn't know too much about it. I have been always a writer and a crafter, but I have never written about my crafts and haven't written too much in English. I have to work always on computer and I feel myself familiar with it, but there are so many things what I don't understand.

E.g. I don't understarnd this no-reply blogger thing.. I followed a few tute not to be a no-reply commenter and I am not, but when I see my post feed on Blogger Buzz I see this: (Hanni) at hannicraft Why??? (If you can answer this, please let me to know!!)

As my blog grows and I do more crafts I try to organize my blogger activities. I realized that I spend too much time with blogging or with something what I call blogging: rambling on linky parties, pinning to Pinterest, reading other blogs without commenting. I think this time could be more effective with leaving comments to let them to know I am an RSS follower or just like their projects. The only way I can do this more effectively, if I am getting more organized and make a little self-control. 
I have started to use two sheets: one is for the things-to-do, the other one is for measuring my weekly results. 
On this sheed I would like to organize my projects week by week. I need this because I have lot of WIP projects, which I would really love to finish, but somehow sometimes I forget about them.... And there are other projects, which ones I have already finished and would be great to post about.

I would like to also measure how my blog grows: how many pagewievs and comments I get, how many people find me interesting and start to follow. It is also important {as a self-control} what do I do for my blog: how many posts, FB posts/comments, pins, tweets I make week by week. I am not that 'I am following you follow me'- type, but I would like to register my new likes too. 

If you liked these templates feel free to download and use them!

See the planner HERE.

See the planner for your results HERE.

Giveaway winner

Thank you all who participated on my very first giveaway! I really enjoyed having it, so I am planning that I will host other giveaways in the future (maybe when I open a shop). 

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Purple tote

In my last project post I was talking about three bags and now I would like to show you the second tote, a purple one also made also for gift. This bag is just the right size for everyday needs, the owner can carry even her favourite book on it. The big bow on the top gives a little romantic touch for the purse.
These photos was taken on the same day when my green tote in my MIL's garden. However I think the green one looked like better in the garden, I didn't have time for better shoots in my usual photo corner.

For this girly tote I choosed purple canvas and a colorful striped fabric for the lining. It wasn't too difficult to sew, although it seems complicated with those pleats but it just had to be careful with the measuring.

I added a magnetic clasp into the purse, what much more easier to sew in than a zips. 

In these days I am working again in bag projects. One of my friends asked me to sew a few bags for her co-workers, she would like to sell them. And actually this was really just in time, because from a while I have been thinking to open a shop on Etsy or elsewhere. I think it is a reasonable process: I am spendig a lot of time with crocheting and sewing and I always giving my finished object as a gift to my relatives or friends. It would be cool to get money for them to support my craft budget.

So more projects coming!

Wish you happy crafting!

Little joy

I was living in the suburb for a long time and after I got married we moved to the downtown. I miss the garden so much... walking barefoot on the grass, watching the blooming flowers, having a dog, making barbeques in our own garden... so generally spending the time outside...
But I am not complaining, because living in a downtown apartment has lot of positive sides: we are close to everything. And I am trying to make our home more comfy. We have a little balcony, where we can breath some air and enjoy the sunshine. A few weeks ago I planted petunias into the flower boxes. They began to grow and in one month they will look like a flower fountain. I can't wait those balmy warm summer night with a glass of wine in my balcony garden... Here are just some sneak peaks.

In a big bowl I am raising tomatoes !! I just hoped that I would be successful but I didn't really trust in that. And look at that, there is the first small tomato! I can't wait to taste it :)

Wish you all beautiful weekend and happy gardening!