Green tote bag

There is a busy weekend behind me. Pentecost is a really meaningful festive by us not just because we have 3 days free but there is the bigest Hungarian Pilgrimage in these days, so everybody looking at that event. We have spent the weekend mostly at home: on Saturday we had a nice diner with our friends and on Monday visited our families. I have had finally time to create some of my sewing plans. Actually I had a very crafty weekend, I am so excited to show you everything. I have made three new bags!! It seems that bag series continues on my blog. 

Today I would like to show you this natural looking tote. It was gifted to my 14-year-old niece. Yes, I do have a big family, there is always somebody who has nameday, birthday, Mother's Day, Children's Day, Christmas or other event... Hungarians really love family festives... 
These photos was taken in my MIL's garden. I didn't have enough time to take a few shoot at home, but I don't mind at all! I just throw the bag into a stonework. This men was made by my father-in-law who is a talented amateur sculptor, isn't he? Just look at the garden behind the bag. After a quick shower everything was so green and bright. I haven't edited anything on these pictures!
But return to the bag. I think its tutorial isn't need to be written. It is quite a simple construction: a simple sew-the-sides-along tote bag with a huge pocket in front. I choosed a neutral natural looking:fabric which reminds me to burlap. But in fact it is not that rough and heavy. The big pocket is made from fancier flittered and embroidered but still sophisticated fabric.

I decorated it with some rosettes from the leftover fabric.I glued it to a safety pin so it is removable from the bag.

I sewed three small pockets inside: for the pencils, pens, cell phone and other small things. The magnetic closure keep the stuffs in safe. It will be an ideal library bag or for her piano-lessons.

I have so many plans for this week too. I would like to finish a redo and refresh my fingers with some crochet projects. 

Wish you all a happy crafty week!

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Scrapbooking software rewiev and GIVEAWAY

The number of my GFC buddies growed by over 110 during the last week, my total page wievs passed 80 000. But I also spend more time writing my posts and working on my patterns: the quality matters, I hope it is visible :)
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Crochet purse for the Summer

Yippie, I have made my very first summer purse! Okay, actually it is not a new project,  a couple weeks ago you could already see some WIP pictures of it, but on the past weeks I was obsessed with sewing. That's why I deferred publication.
So time to show you one of my favourite crochet object. It is finally something for myself!! After several baby hats and simple amirgurumis for my family, I made a bag for myself... just for fun... You probably know what does it mean: when your family and friends discover 'your talent',  you don't have time to create just for yourself.

You could have already seen these squares and here where I promised, that I would make a bag from it!  So I kept my promise. It wasn't easy to turn the granny into a bag (or bag-like) shape. After several tryings with flowers and different shapes I found the simple chain loops the easiest way to turn the square into a bag.
It is not a big purse, I am sure that I won't take it for shopping, but perfect for my supplies for a diner out or a walk with my husband.

How to turn a granny square into a bag

For the 16 petals-flower I used a pattern from Ravelry. It is an excellent photo-tutorial, so easy to follow. I am sharing just the pattern for the rest of the bag.

Measurements: 9.5' x 10' (without the hadles)

ch = chain
dc = double crochet stitch
hdc = half double crochet stitch
ss = slip stitch

You can use any granny square as a base. 

* Note: The granny square in the middle is not my pattern. Please, visit the designer to get it!*

Note: worked in continuous rounds!

R9:  Make 5 dc, 2 ch, 5 dc in the the larger spaces (to the corners), make 5 dc in the smaller spaces. 
R10:  Make 1 hdc in each dc's and ch1 on ea chains. Now your petal flower has a squared shape. 
R11: Start from a corner (where you made chain in the previous row). Chain 5 and ss in the 3rd hdc. Repeat this on the first side (You will get 9 loops - one loop=Ch-5). Ch 5 and ss in the 2nd hdc (= 12 loops). Repeat this along on this side. Ch 5 and  ss in the 3rd hdc (= 9 loops). Repeat on this side. Ch 5 and ss in the 2nd hdc (= 12 loops). Repeat.
R12: Ch5 and ss in the 3rd ch of the loop in the prev round. Repeat along.  
R13-17: same as the 12. row.
R18: Make 3 dc in each loop. In the corner loops make 2 ch, 3 dc, 2 ch.
R19: Hdc around.

Do the instructions on two grannies. Than sew along the sides or crochet together with slip stitches
For the handles I choosed wooden balls and rings, which I threaded into a crocheted rope from the leftover yarn. I sewed the lining from a matching blue fabric. 

Actually it wasn't the easiest crochet project, at least not that one on which I could work while I was watching TV. But I truly enjoyed creating it.

 I am wondering should I always wear matching shoes with my bag? Or at least during the Summer shall I be a little bit a 'lawbreaker'? Do you wear matching shoes and bags?

Happy crocheting and happy summertime!

Side bags

These days were very busy for me. During the weekend we were in our friend's wedding which was beautiful and so special. They are a really matching couple with love and respect to each other and with a strong faith in God. 
My workplace is also busy in these days: conferences and reports... I am really greatful that tomorrow is Friday! And also ends the rainy cold wheather what we had during the whole week. :)
But now I would like to show you my other two bags from closer. 

The asymetric grey bag belongs to the mummy totes, which I posted a few days ago, because I made it on the same simple way. But as I have already mentioned I wanted a personalized piece for everybody. This bag has been made for my sister-in-law, who is a teacher, an artist but first of all she is a mother of four children. I have already showed here some projects which I had made for her dauhters. I have to tell you that my sister-in-law is the biggest fun of my project (besides my husband of course)! She is the first person who I show my running projects and we are talking about craft ideas. She is a creative mind, loves to paint and draw and has an MA in fine arts, so I really appreciate her advices and critics.

I added a little pin into the bag. Isn't is just cute? I saw lot of beautiful felt roses on the web and I have already made a few different, but no doubt this one was my favourite! It is simple and has a really unique looking.

The orange side bag was a little bit more complicated than the other ones, because it has a zips inside. To be honest with you I always feel difficult how to sew the zips in and I always tear it and start allover. Do you have the same problems?

Well, I love this bag also because it was partly an eco-friendly project. The lining was made from my husband's shirt. It was a non-fitting shirt, which I just hated. But he wasn't mad at all, I asked his permission... and this time before cutting :)

So here ends the story of my bags. I am so proud to myself, not just because my ladies loved their gifts it is also because I have learnt a lot of things. There is a phrase: 'practice makes perfect' so I keep on practicing!

Wish you a happy crafty time!

I got a Liebster

Yaaay, I got the Liebster award!! I have already seen this pledge on lot of blogs and read a few posts about what it is. So now I feel myself so honoured. I feel myself beloved :)
Susan from Moonthirty gave me this award. I can highly recommend her blog for reading, last week she has shared a bag project with a sewing technique tutorial. Maybe you have already seen it, CraftGossip featured her terrific shopper on last Monday. This week she sewed lunch bags. I am following her also via Pinterest, she has such a delightful taste!
According to the rules I have to name 5 blogs, who I award. It is not easy! I am reading several small blogs and I love them all. So I would like to nominate just three bloggers, my absolute favourites. 
  • Christine @ Projects Around the House. She is a crafter, crocheter, DIYer. You can find lot of patterns and tutorials on her blog. I think she was one of the first bloggers, who I started to follow.  I adore her blog! My favourites are her crocheted hats. 
  • Oksana @ Oksana Plus Hobbies. Oksana is a bilingual blogger from Los Angeles. She is creating wonderful jewelleries and also has an etsy shop. I love the most her lace & bead bracelet.
  • Lyndsay @ Who wants to be Martha when I can be me? Who doesn't love the name of her blog? She is a talented crocheter and crafter. Just check out these cute little owlies!
About the Liebster scoop
The Liebster is an award presented to bloggers with fewer than 200 followers. It’s about spreading some love to the little guys in blogland. The name means 'the dearest' in German. The rules are quite simple:

1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.
2. Link back to the blogger who presented the award to you.
3. Copy and paste the blog award on your blog.
4. Present the Liebster Blog Award to 5 blogs of 200 followers or fewer who you feel deserve to be noticed.
5. Let them know they have been chosen by leaving a comment at their blog.

The Mummy Totes

In my latest post I shared two pictures from my bag 'collection'. Okay, calling these four bags to a collection is maybe an overstatement, but let me to be proud of my work :)  

The larger two totes have been made for my mum and for my mother-in-law for Mother's Day. These totes are perfect for everyday use: for shopping, leisure time and also for the job, when they are dressed casual or semi-formal.
Originally I wanted to use a colorful fabric, but there was nothing in the store what I really liked, that's why I choosed these neutral grey and orange textiles. The construction is really simple: just sew along the sides and fix the handles. 

To the grey bag I sewed the handles on two points and wove a scarf through. I love the versatility of this bag: the grey color is basically neutral and sophisticated enough but with a colorful scarf can match to any outfit.

The orange/grey bag was basically sewed on the same way. But this tote is fancier and the assymetric handles give a cool youthful touch into it. My mum is really dinamic and she like simple but unique things, so I wanted to gave her a customized piece.
This time I unraveled the fabric in an other way: I covered the seams with the interfacing. It seemed me simplier than making it with serger.

I haven't made a tutorial for these bags, not just because I don't feel myself good enough in explaining things but it is more because there are several excellent patterns for simple totes on the web.

I am feeling a little bit over-inspired now, I have so many plans for making more and more bags! But firstly I would like to show you closer the other two bags and I also have a crocheted purse waiting for posting sometime. But this weekend won't be that crafty as we are spendig it with a short trip. Our friends are marrying this weekend... Yaaay! :)

Wish you all a beautiful weekend!

Two fabrics in four ways

In these days I am trying to improve my sewing skills. I am a self-taught sewer and I really enjoy it. I have some magazines, e-books and pinned tutorials on Pinterest, which help me during my work. In this way a big part of my sewing time is spent with fixing the mistakes. Although sewing is not as relaxing as crocheting I like even that it makes me thinking all the time: which sides sew together at first, how to unravel the edges, what type of stitch to use etc. So I find sewing also a brain work!

On the last weekend I have made a bag for myself and during this weekend I have sewed bags for my mum and mum-in-law for Mother's Day gift and for my sister-in-law who has her nameday on Thursday. They liked their gifts! My sister-in-law is the biggest fun of my crafts and she was so happy that I made something especially for her. Although I have used just two colors, I tried to make different for everyone of us fit to our personal needs. 

I choosed two fabrics in neutral colors. The grey fabric is really thick and a strong; maybe this is originally for outdoor pillowcases, covers or for placemats. The orange one is lighter but still enough thick for a bag. And the best thing is that I have found a new fabric store in nearby where everything is at discount price! And they are keeping also exclusive fabrics for extremely good prices. Plus they have lot of textiles from Italy. 
In the next two posts I will describe the bags in detail. They were really easy and fun to make even without a step-by-step pattern!

Wish you a beautiful week!