Crocheted and knitted purses for the Spring

Have I already told you, that I am a bag-aholic? I love every kind of bags and I fall in love with new ones very easily. But I think I am not the only one, who always thinks that need a new bag in that shape/size/color/material and in the morning there is no matching purse for the outfit. 
I do adore crocheted and knitted bags.
Do you remember my winter purses?  

I would like to show you that knitted and crocheted bags are not just winter pieces. So I have pinned a collection of spring and summer bags/totes/purses for the warmer seasons for you. All pieces are knitted or crocheted with FREE pattern.
About my etiquette: I try to find the original source of the pattern, but if the original source is a google doc or pdf, I just can't pin from there.
*Let me to give a tip for Ravelry designers. If you are a blogger and share free patterns, link to your blog post, not to a pdf document. Ravely is my best traffic source: not just gives a relatively big number of readers, but my visitors spend time on my blog. *

A Pinterest roundup

Easy-peasy market bags 

Simple baskets for your home

Classy purses

The delicate white bag somehow reminds me to the classy Channel


Hobo totes


With this ones I can see myself on the sunny beach


Or just reuse and old courtain. An inspiration for non-knitters. 

For more bags see my boards on Pinterest.
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  1. I've been meaning to make market bags like those! Thanks for sharing the inspiration today!

  2. Hi! It's Lori from Bleak 2 Unique, and I am tagging you...Have fun!

  3. Just found your blog.... I'm a fellow crocheter and love your stuff. Thanks for sharing!


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