Yarn craft projects

In the past few weeks I became a crochet geek. I am looking for inspirations, browsing on online yarn stores for long hours or just twirling my needle. I think I am in love with yarn. But who doesn't like comfy, fluffy, soft materials? :)
So I have collected a few yarn projects for non-knitters (and non-crocheters).

Spring decorations

Accessorize with yarn

Wedding ideas

I remember, in last februar I was in wedding fever and collected at least a 1000+ idea for table decoration. (At the end we have figured out something new, that wasn't similar to any tips, we had seen.)

Here is a beautiful napkin ring with natural decorations and a cute pom-pom garland. Real eye candies, aren't they?


If you would like to see more non-knitted (neither crocheted) crafts, follow my board on Pinterest.

Happy yarning :)

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  1. I'm really in love with crochet right now too! I love the carrots and the pom-poms ideas.

  2. Anonymous2/23/2012

    So beautiful :r

  3. I have some non-knitting ideas to use my leftover yarn for. I LOVE the carrots Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend!


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